Saturday, September 28, 2013

Officially Mrs Brendan Chew!

We are married! Officially! Legally! Whoopeeee! I had so much fun today and though things got a bit rough right before the ceremony (messy coordination), overall everything went well! I am so blessed & lucky to have a very strong support system, Brendan, bridesmaids + Nat!

Our church wedding was held at our church, Lighthouse Evangelism Tampines and we had close to 280 guests who attended excluding my bridal party! That's more than our wedding banquet! Wow! 

My Sony camera was buried in one of my carton boxes so I don't have many pictures from today but luckily I have friends who are trigger friendly and they sent me many pictures of me walking down the aisle and also during the ceremony! My cousin Jane sent me many pictures and I am glad she did cos it will take weeks before I receive the official photos from our photographer.

I don't know why my sister is missing from the group picture.. Hmm.. I think she sneaked off to eat. LOL!!!

My sister stayed over with me last night and that was the last night I am staying in my rented room in Serangoon cos from tonight onwards I'll be staying with Le bf Hubby and his family until we buy our own place.

My bridesmaids did an awesome job during the gatecrash and the matrimony ceremony was so beautiful.. I cried while reciting my marriage vows. Couldn't help it.. But everyone was so supportive and they clapped to encourage me to go on! Awww.. :')

My mum brought Chloe home so I don't have to worry about her being alone in Serangoon, nor stress about her getting used to Le hubby's home because his dog is quite territorial and I don't have the time or energy to deal with it now..

I really need to get some rest because my medication is making me drowsy and my headache is coming back... tomorrow night will be our banquet dinner at Grand Hyatt! Thank God it's not today because I have no more strength anymore..

Good night everyone! ^_^

2 comments to “Officially Mrs Brendan Chew!”

  • October 26, 2013 at 5:51 PM
    Joanna Tay says:

    O_O I think.... I went to find food HEHEHEHE

  • October 27, 2013 at 9:27 PM
    Jasmine Tay says:

    HAIYOOO!!! LOL!!!