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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our Church Wedding Rehearsal

[20 September 2013, Friday]

Just one more week to our big day! 

Am I ready? NOOOOOOOO!

Am I stressed? YESSSSSS!

People always tell me I am a very chill bride-to-be. Especially Nathaniel. He kept saying I am one of the chillest bride in the history of brides or something. THAT IS NOT TRUE! I just internalize my stress and don't broadcast it to the world. And I always joke and laugh and smile, and that's my way of dealing with stress.. So it's easy for other people to assume that I am stress-free.

I am doing the heavy weight planning and decision making for the wedding because Le bf trusts my vision and I am more efficient than him when it comes to dealing with vendors because that's what I do best anyway.. So I am mega stressed out!

It's not easy planning a wedding, and I hate it when people tell me "Relax! Nothing to plan what! Everything will be ok!".

Thing is, all these people are SINGLE! Hello???? You married before? Planned a wedding before? No credentials and experience please go face the wall and reflect on your ignorance. And I am planning a church wedding & a wedding dinner on two different days so that's like 2 separate weddings! And my parents are not on talking terms so I need to be very tactful!

Anyways, yesterday was our church wedding rehearsal!

I went to JB to colour my hair in the morning! :)

Nathaniel was my "fake father" of the day and he walked me down the aisle! He took his role very very seriously... Hahahahahah!

Bridesmaids marching in before me! :)

My sister is the maid of honour, so she's the last one to march  in before us! 

Our photographer Samuel looks really deep in thought. Our Pastor is saying something to the bridesmaids and Le bf is holding me so carefully cos he's supposed to pretend that I am wearing my long gown and he has to help me down the stairs since my heels are so high (4 inches of madness!)

Marcus & Sherise are our Page Boy & Flower Girl!
They are Le bf's cousins. Siblings born in the same year, 10 months apart!

Sherise reminds me of Joanna when she was younger. Hahahah!

Daniel (behind us) is our praise & worship leader and he will be singing the songs during the ceremony.

Me, Nat & Mei Mei

Can you tell how excited my sister is? LOL!

Picture with the Chews! :)

Picture with my bridesmaids & bride attendant!

Unfortunately Joyce couldn't make it cos she had food poisoning so we will fill her in on the actual day! Le bf's brothers couldn't make it but it's fine cos the spotlight will be on the bridesmaids who will be walking down the aisle before me in the processional march, not them. They will be my ushers on the actual day!

One more week one more week!!!!!!!!!! I am officially on leave now so I can finally start sleeping properly and tune my body clock nicely for the wedding day. I just need to work on reducing my stress levels by delegating more stuff to the others to do so I can relax and look my best on the most important day of my life!! 

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