Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hospitalized days before my wedding..

I am typing this while sitting on my very comfortable bed in Mount Elizabeth Novena. This place is like a hospital disguised as a hotel. I was sent here from Parkway East Hospital cos they had no beds there and I was sent here in an ambulance! So exciting cos it's my first time in an ambulance and I am the patient! Yes yes, I am weird.

Mama Chew has warned me to keep away from hospitals. No visitation to friends, even if they have their babies because it's bad luck for a bride to be. Well, I am a patient now so I have no choice.... :(

Anyway, I am being hospitalized because of my terrible headaches. I've seen 2 doctors before I went to Parkway East Hospital and both of them couldn't give me strong enough painkillers.

These are all the medication I needed to take before I was hospitalized

My headaches first started on Friday night and became a bit worse on Saturday night during Le bf's birthday party (blog about it soon!). 

On Sunday, Nathaniel joined us for church and he went back with us to Le bf's home cos we wanted to clear his room to make way for me to move in after the wedding and I think it's good to have Nathaniel with us cos he can advise Le bf which clothing to give away (some are sooooo old fashioned!) and which techie items to keep/throw.


Nathaniel is PERFECT cos he has good fashion sense and he is also another techie person. Where to find right? Usually is either fashionista or technophobe. He is both! LOL! My perfect brother from another mother!

Nat tsk-ing at Le bf's clothes. LOL!
I think they cleared out more than 50% of his clothes.

Le bf asked me to choose any cupboard I want in his room and I chose the ones with the full length mirrors just beside the bed. So he had to empty it of his stuff for me to put my stuff. He'll also get a clothes drawer rack cos I am an organizing freak and I cannot just fold my clothes into stacks and put them on the bottom of the cupboard like he does.

A picture of the cupboard before...

And after! Tadah!! Empty!!! ^_^

I'll bring my stuff over bit by bit cos I haven't even packed my own stuff yet! Nathaniel looked at the cupboard, then looked at me, and he shook his head and said there's not enough space for me. LOL! I agree! But most of my stuff will be in boxes and kept upstairs in the storeroom so it'll be fine. 

After a while my headache got worse and I went to sleep while the two of them continued to pack. I felt so guilty that night cos it seems I was sleeping while they were busy, but I feel less guilty now cos I am genuinely sick! Hahahahah!

Le bf sent Nathaniel home and I asked him to bring me to a 24hrs clinic cos my headache is really bad. He brought me to a 24hr clinic near Nathaniel's house and the the doctor examined my head and diagnosed me with Shingles.. which usually only happen to older folks above 50years old cos of their weaker immunity system. He said I am too stressed out that my body's immune system is lower and the dormant Chicken Pox virus has the opportunity to attack, causing Shingles. He gave me anti-viral medicine, painkiller and 1 week's MC (which is useless to me cos I am already on annual leave. Dammit).

Le bf sent me home and I popped the pills and tried to sleep.. but the whole night I was tossing and turning because the pain DID NOT GO AWAY! In fact, it intensifies to a point where I kept hitting my head to try to stop the pain, which of course didn't work lah.... I woke up every hour praying and counting down to 9am so I can go and see my usual doctor at Nex Mall. I was there really early and was the first in line! Gave my spot to a little boy cos he seems in pain and the father was so grateful.. Ehh. I've endured the pain for the entire night, another 15mins won't kill me.

So my doctor, the 2nd one I've seen, said he thinks it might be Shingles but he's not 100% certain because there's no blisters and rashes, just little red dots on my scalp on the left side of my head.. I asked him for extra super duper strong painkillers, the strongest he can legally give me and he did.

I set alarm to remind myself to eat my pills every 4hours

I went home and waited for Le bf to come pick me up so we can go and run our wedding errands. We even went to Ikea for lunch and also to buy the clothes drawers for me to put my clothes in his cupboard after I move in.

 I am having such bad headaches cos the nerve is affected and when your nerve is hurting, your whole body hurts. Imagine a toothache, a very bad toothache.. that's how it felt like. I get shockwaves of pain.. and when it comes, it's wave upon wave of intense pain that's so bad I feel like fainting.

I have an extremely high threshold for pain.. I can knock into metal bars, walls, chairs, whatever and don't feel a thing because I am so clumsy and accident that my pain receptors seem to gave up.. so when I complain of pain, it is damn mother-painful and Le bf knows that so he is ultra worried for me.

So Le bf brought me to Parkway East Hospital and I was transferred here to Mount Elizabeth Novena because of the bed shortage.. but it's a blessing in disguise because this place is fabulous! Like I said, it's like a hotel! All the rooms are single bedded and it smells so nice! No hospital smell! I told Le bf I MUST deliver my baby here. Nowhere else. Bwahahahahhaahhaa!

I am warded in a corner room which is an isolation ward cos if it's really Shingles, people who have not contracted Chicken Pox may get it from me.. But it's not 100% certain for now. There are two sliding doors. One must close before the other can open. My doctor, Dr Pan Beng Siong Andrew is a really nice chap and he is also funny! He said it's like Star Wars in the scene where Obi Wan Kenobi fought with Darth Maul.. Light sabre and all. Woommm Wommmm... LOL!

 Welcome message when I turned on the TV

 Large sofa in the corner that can also double as a bed

Le bf is mad impressed with the speed of the wifi connection.
Like seriously impressed. LOL!

 I am impressed with the toiletries and the beautiful toilet fittings.

 The toilet bowl is like Japan's!! YAY!! :) So happy!

I am also impressed each room has their own machine thingy for the blood pressure. Usually in public hospitals there's only 1 or 2 per ward and they have to push it around to the beds to take the patient's blood pressure. This one also comes with a digital thermometer! 

So now I am just chilling in bed waiting for Le bf to come because he has to bring me to collect our ROM certificate! Our appointment is 9.30am-10.30am and I must be there to swear in or something. Dr Pan offered to write me a note to excuse me and let Le bf collect it without me but that's not possible because by law I must be present.. if not we cannot get married this weekend! *cries*

Morning view from my room! It's on the 12th floor and the 2nd highest floor! :)

I might be here for another night but I am not complaining cos it's so comfortable here and everyone is so nice to me, especially when they know I am a bride to be! :)

I slept around 12am and woke up at 4am pressing the button frantically for painkillers cos the headache came back. Now as I type, the headache is still persisting!

Alrighty my breakfast is here and I shall finish it up, eat my medicine and go and collect my ROM certificate with Le bf before coming back to the hospital for a MRI scan.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes and prayers! ^_^ I will get well soon!! Getting married this Saturday!!

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  • October 20, 2013 at 6:32 PM
    aloealoha says:


    I'm a faithful reader of your blog haha because you always blog so honestly. Congrats on your wedding :) may God bless your marriage for years to come!

  • October 26, 2013 at 12:53 AM
    Jasmine Tay says:

    Hello! :) Thank you for the well wishes & blessings! I still love blogging but have to backdate my entries because I am so busy! Haha! I usually blog once a month now and churn out half a dozen entries at one go because I have so many draft entries waiting to be published.. =D God Bless you!