Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bridesmaids Meetup House Party

[24 August 2013, Saturday]

Last month we had a casual bridesmaids meetup session. I just want to gather everyone together because I've been so busy with work and it's been a long time since I see the whole group together (in fact, the last time we all gathered was my birthday in October last year!)

I love parties and I absolutely love hosting and organizing one! The theme for the party was "Summer Fun" and I bought little food warmers from Giant to give it a more "professional caterer" look. I did not cook the food of course, I am not a good cook. I asked Nathaniel to help me tabao. ^_^

I made potato salad, jelly cups, sandwiches and Caesar Salad!

Everyone helping me fluff up pom poms for the decoration at church. It looks difficult to make a tulle pom pom, but trust me.. it's super easy! You just need to have a pair of scissors, a piece of cardboard and string! =)

Jace's boyfriend Nicholas came to my house for the first time and he was very impressed with the way I hosted the party cos there's a theme, plenty of food and decorations.. Hahahaha!

Tim, my sister and Wany! 

Brendan's sisters Cheryl & Pamela with Tim

Joyce & Yaya with her trademark craziness

Nathaniel fluffing up the balls that everyone made

Le bf's sisters Cheryl & Pamela

I am so happy and blessed that I get along well with his sisters and I love them like my own little sister, though with not as much protectiveness because our age gap is closer (they are 2-3yrs younger than me) and my sister is 7yrs younger. I always thank God for blessing me with Le bf's family. I told Le bf it's like buying an action figure at the toy store and going home realizing that there's 4 extra figures inside and all 5 of them are perfectly what you always wanted! :) It's not easy getting along with people, especially with your other half's family.. but I am extremely blessed!

Tim is not part of the bridal party but he wanna come and kpoh on the actual day. He has so many evil ideas on the gatecrash! Hahahahahha!

Yaya & Jace

These two ladies are the main rah rah girls in the group. With their combined power & voices, it's like 10 "normal bridesmaids". They are the face of the gatecrash attack. Hahahahaha!

Wany, Jace, Yaya & Joyce!

My maid of honour!

It's my sister's first time as a bridesmaid and she's ultra excited.. mainly because it's my wedding! :) I am glad she gets along well with Le bf and his sisters. In fact she ADORES him! I think if Le bf and I quarrel in future she may side him instead! LOL!

Bride & Groom
Le bf is the most patient and loving person I've ever been with and that's the reason why I am happily & willingly marrying him!! He really puts up with my stress outbursts and meltdowns when I am overwhelmed by the wedding preparations. It is not easy putting up with a perfectionist planner who wants to be in control of every little details and she doesn't have enough sleep due to work schedules.. Grouchy, grumpy, highly-strung. That's me. Yes, I am a Bridezilla but the mild one.. not the explosive type. Thank God Le bf is so understanding and sweet.

Nathaniel is my bride's attendant and he's also my main coordinator for the event. His role and responsibility is HUGE and I trust him because he is always my wingman during my parties. He's also the most enthusiastic person in my bridal party who messaged me everyday asking for updates on the wedding preparations and helping me with a lot of stuff -- most importantly he found me my bridal dress cos he recommended Silhouette to me (he wants credit for this. LOL!)

These two BBFF (Beyond best friends forever).. tsk tsk.

Chloe sleeping on Nathaniel's Burberry bag.. 

After everyone left she slept on the sofa cushion. She is super exhausted cos she spent the whole afternoon running around and playing with everyone. She loves parties more than me cos she loves cosying up to people and sitting on people's laps and being stroked and complimented. Yes, she's super vain. She loves it when you tell her "Chloe you are so cute! Chloe! Your fur so nice!". Hahahahahhaa!

Next meetup will be my Hen's Party! I've already laid the ground rules.. No boys (except Nathaniel), no strippers, no alcohol and no hanky-panky.

Sounds like a boring Hen's Party hor? But I never believed in those alcohol fuel Hen's night cos it's so unladylike. A Hen's Party is for the bridemaids to bond together and to honour the bride to be.. not trapeze through pubs and clubs and drink shots, get drunk & wasted and do stupid stunts and dares with other men who are complete strangers. You wouldn't do that when you are attached, let alone before getting married! I never understood the concept of having to "Be wild for one night for the last time". If you wanna be wild, stay single and go wild. Please respect yourself and also your future husband. My question to those brides are.. will you show the pictures or videos of the wild Hen's Night you had to your husband to be? Mother? Mother-in-law? Everyone who knows you? I rest my case.

By the way it applies to men too.. doesn't mean you are getting married means you can go and do a "Hangover" and hire strippers and have sex with total strangers. If you love and respect your wife to be, you will not hurt her by doing such stupid things.

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  • November 7, 2013 at 5:19 PM
    ary says:

    I like your water container.may i know where u bought it. Tq

  • November 30, 2013 at 10:34 AM
    Jasmine Tay says:

    Hi, I bought it from Giant Supermarket at Vivocity.