Friday, May 6, 2016

Hello Perth!

I've come to Perth so many times it's like my 2nd home now! Hahahahahaha! I love spending time with Tabby, Doug and their doggies! They are going on a holiday so I will be house-sitting & dog-sitting for them! :)

Yummy dinner at Hiro Sushi!

Morning walk with the doggies!

Tabby had to go to work so Doug and I brought the dogs to the park for a run! 

Tabby & Doug left for the airport and the 3 dogs were standing at the door hoping they will not go. So cute right!!! My heart melts lah. I love them so much! They are like my god-children. In fact, Tabby calls me their fairy-god mother. (≧∇≦*)

After a bit of moping around, they cheered up.. I think they know the drill cos it's not my first time taking care of them. Instead of going to Tabby's room, they went to the guest room and wait for me to  wash up and go to bed. 

All 3 of them like to snuggle on the bed with me! It's so nice to have 3 fluffy warm dogs to snuggle with. The one lying on the pillow is Benji cos he's the bossman. When Le hubby is around, he can't sleep on the pillow so he don't really like Le hubby. Hahahahahahaha! He will give him the evil eye which is so funny. Le hubby said that Benji is very loving and protective towards me cos I took care of him for a few weeks by myself when he was a puppy and sometimes Benji tries to push him away cos he wants me for himself. Hahahahahaha! I am not complaining cos Benji is my favourite amongst the 3 (though I love Finn & Coco too!).

Wany is coming over for a few days to accompany me and after she flies back, Le hubby will be coming and both of us will fly back to Singapore together. Looking forward to spending the next 2 weeks here in Perth! Yay!

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