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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Last minute shopping!!!

After our Swan Valley adventure, we went for Korean food! I just randomly look through the Zomato app to look for the nearest Korean restaurant with good reviews. It was quite empty though so we were wondering if the reviews were real..... but it turns out most of the diners were seated outside cos they were having BBQ. We sat indoors cos we just wanted a hot pot of army stew!

Waiting impatiently for the soup to boil. Haha!

It's good enough to satisfy our cravings for something hot & spicy cos we were feeling cold, but the food was not really fantastic and the service was really slow so I will not mention the restaurant. Afterwards we went to the supermarket for more shopping because Wany is going back to Singapore! 

No! You cannot buy this big bucket of cheese! It's too big!

She bought a lot of milo powder, cheese, chia seeds and other stuff for her mother & sister. We spent the evening packing and luckily I managed to find some empty boxes in the house for her cos her luggage was full. Hahahahaha!

The next day we went out for breakfast and some last minute shopping before heading home to pack and then we left for the airport.

She came to Perth with 1 luggage, go back with 2 luggage & 2 boxes! Haha! One of the box is the puppy's training pads and we got weird looks from fellow passengers at the airport cos they thought she really buy dog pee pads back to Singapore. Judge all you want people.... inside is milo cans! LOL!

Sunset view on the drive back home!

Very lazy to cook so it's Spicy Korean ramen for dinner.

For desserts I ate some frozen mangoes with a stick of paddlepop rainbow icecream! The paddlepop in Australia is the bomb! The ones in Singapore tastes super artificial and got this weird chemical smell.. but the ones in Australia... Sooo good! I always eat paddlepop when I am here. Wany loves it too and she loves it to much that she tabao 1 in a plastic cup (so it won't drip) to eat in the car on the way to the airport. Damn funny!

I am alone in the house and Benji is being very affectionate!

He doesn't do this when there are other humans or dogs around cos he likes to act cool and maintain his image as a bossman. Coco & Finn were outside chewing on their bones and Benji came in to snuggle with me and lay on my tummy while I was watching TV. The moment Coco came in, he jumped off and pretended nothing happened. He's too funny and cracks me up with his antics lah!

Le hubby will be arriving in a few days! Meanwhile it's just me and the doggies! :)

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