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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Perth life begins!

Tabby bought a new car! (*・▽・*)

Previously she drove the Nissan Fairlady and she changed to a bigger car so it can fit the 3 dogs plus a carseat for her future baby! 

This morning I brought the dogs out for a run at the park which is a 10mins drive away. I usually go at 6am and back home before 7am, especially on weekdays to avoid the morning peak hour traffic jams. 

Whenever I am here, I will try to bring the dogs out for a run every morning if it's not raining. Tabby said I spoil them cos they don't get to go to the park everyday, maybe 2-3 times a week. And after I go back to Singapore, they will expect Tabby & Doug to bring them to the park everyday just like when I was around, and they will sulk when their park visits get reduced to 2-3 times a week. LOL!

It's my first time at the park with 3 dogs cos Finn was recently adopted. Last time I could just bring Benji & Coco to the park and let them run around freely cos when I call them they will listen and follow me back to the car. This time round there's Finn so the dynamics is a bit different. Moreover Finn is a flight-risk and will try to escape whenever he can because he was a hobo dog before he was adopted. Finn changed owners (and names) a few times and his previous owners were damn bad. They don't feed him and he had to go and dig through the neighbourhood dustbins for food. Doug & Tabby rescued him and adopted him and he is a really sweet and lovable dog who loves to give hugs to everyone. For an adopted dog from the streets, Finn has a really good and mild temperament. Only thing is he likes to escape and go back to his hobo life. LOL! Doug told me that they tried to let him roam in the park without a leash and he bolted off and it took him almost an hour trying to corner him and catch him back!

Tabby & Doug were quite worried that I may not be able to handle all 3 dogs by myself and told me I should wait for Le hubby to come so it will be 2 of us vs 3 dogs instead of me vs 3 dogs. However, being the confident fairy god-mother, I decided to bring all 3 of them to the park by myself! Firstly, Benji & Coco expects me to bring them out every morning cos it's the routine that I have established with them on my previous trips. I cannot disappoint them!!! And I figured if Benji listens to me and I had no problems with Coco before.. I should be able to handle all 3 by myself.

Usually they put Coco & Finn in the crates, while Benji gets to sit in the backseat cos he's the most well behaved. For me, I put all 3 of them in the back cos I realized that Coco seems more calm when Benji is beside her. She gets very excited and cray-cray (crazy) whenever we are reaching the park and she will bark non-stop. When Benji is at the back, he will snap at her and ask her to shut up. Hahahahaha! It's also easier for me to load and unload them because I just need to open 1 door.

Everything went well at the park! Benji & Coco were super well-behaved as usual and I kept Finn on a tight leash. He has to walk at my pace and cannot run free like the other 2. I felt a bit bad for not letting him run free but I really don't want to risk him escaping cos the park is huge and I don't think I can run after him in such a huge space. #NotFitAtAll

Previously I set up a "reach home routine" with Benji & Coco and I am happy to say that it works with Finn too! After our morning run, I will drive back home and park the car outside the garage. The dogs stay in the car while I will open the door to the house plus the door to the backyard. Then I will carry them down one by one with the command "inside!" and they will just run inside the house and wait for me. Benji goes in first, followed by Coco then Finn. I was half-expecting Finn to run away and psyched myself up to chase after him if he does cos their house is not gated in the front. Surprisingly, he followed Coco and did not attempt to escape! Wooo! Success on the 1st try! Yay!

Once they run in, they will go and drink water and wait for me patiently beside the kitchen table for me to remove their leash and give them a treat. Afterwards, Benji usually goes out to the backyard to suntan (his favourite hobby) and Coco will follow me around or lie on the sofa - which they did. As for Finn, he followed me around for a bit before settling down at the main door to nap. 

Breakfast is garlic bread with bananas! Very weird combo but it's nice! That's Finn in the picture and he's eyeing my food.. The other 2 dogs won't bug me when I am eating because they know it's rude and I don't like it. Hopefully I can teach Finn to back off when I am eating... but seeing how hobo he is, it's gonna be a challenge. Hahahahahahaha!

I brought my work laptop so I did some work emails while eating my breakfast! Benji sat beside me the entire time when I was doing my work! I asked Tabby why he does that and she said he likes to accompany her when she's doing work at the table too. Awwwwwwww. 

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