Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Perth's Swan Valley

Swan Valley is actually located very near the city center, just a 20mins drive away. There are a lot of things to do and see there, and if you are a wine lover you will love the place cos there's a lot of wineries there. Even if you are not into alcohol, like the 2 of us, you should still go because there's many shops to explore! It's actually my 2nd time there (Le hubby hasn't been there before). The last time I visited was during my 1st visit to Perth 8 years ago where Tabby brought me to a Sandalford Winery for lunch! 

I managed to dig out an old photo of me & Tabby!


If it's your first time, you should go to the Visitor Centre to pick up a free map and if you have any questions or need help with the itinerary you can ask the helpful staff there to give you some suggestions.

The map looks something like this:
The shops and restaurants are clearly stated and you just need to follow the route! Really simple! Both of us highlighted some of the places we wanna visit and I just drove along the route.

First stop was Morish Nuts! I bought their nuts before from the Perth Royal Show and at Fremantle Market but I've never went to their main store before. It's huge!

Lots of samples for you to try!

See through kitchen where they process the nuts!

We bought so much that we got a bulk discount plus a free cooler bag!

 Just beside Morish Nuts is Mondo Nougat! 
They are located in the same building.

  Super huge and clean kitchen! Love it!

There are lots of different types of nougats for sale.

 You can also try before buying! Limit to 1 per person.

Next stop is House of Honey!

Asked a random dude to help us take picture. Haha!

Lots of honey to taste test! I love it cos honey taste very different depending on the flowers and the bee species. If you buy the entire bottle but don't like the taste.. then it's wasted! We tasted more than 10 types of honey and narrowed down to 2 that we really liked and we bought a few big bottles!

There are also other honey products!

Like this honey comb! Yums!

Our shopping loot!

Last stop is the Cheese Barrel!

So many types of cheese!!

My favourite cheese is Wensleydale Cranberry Cheese!
Which is from UK, not Australia. Hahahahaha!

There is a sitting area which overlooks a really nice open field.

I managed to get a good parking lot at the Cheese Barrel in front of the vineyard and I used my camera to take a timed shot of the 2 of us in the vineyard! :) Really happy that the weather is good with cool winds and blue skies!

There are many other shops and restaurants that we didn't had time to cover. Maybe I'll come back again next week when Le Hubby is here! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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