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Monday, May 9, 2016

Wany in Perth!

Yesterday's view at the Perth Airport while waiting for Wany's flight to arrive! 

The parking at Perth Airport is damn expensive. Usually when I have to pick up Le hubby or Tabby & Doug when they are back, I will time my arrival as close as I can to their flight and either wait at the drop off lots at the domestic terminal where they won't chase the cars away, or go into the carpark and exit within 10mins and go back in to avoid paying the parking fee. #CheapoAuntie

Wany is here! o(*^▽^*)o

It's Wany's first time in Perth and also first time meeting the dogs! Coco is a bit shy cos she's really timid, Benji is friendly but he's not very affectionate cos he's the bossman/alpha dog so he has to appear cool. Finn is the bear that pounce on her for hugs and refused to let go. He sat on her for a long time and we had to shoo him off cos she had to go shower and get ready for bed. Hahahahahaha!

Wany is here for the next few days! Super excited to be showing her around! I am going to bring her to all my favourite cafes in Perth! Wheeee!

First stop is TYPIKA! It's my number 1 favourite cafe in Perth and I die die confirm plus chop will go a few times when I am here. I love the food there!! AAAAHHH!!! Their cakes are so-so but the main courses (Beef ribs!!!) and the french toast is sooooo gooooood!!!


After breakfast, we walked around Claremont's Quarters for a bit before heading to Fremantle Market! Actually there's nothing much to buy at Fremantle Market, but it's a tourist spot and a must-visit for 1st timers to Perth!

We also explored the shops around Fremantle Market and Wany spotted a San Churros. She super  churros and die die must try even though we were super full from breakfast. Hahahahahaha!

I just ordered a ice chocolate cos I really can't eat anymore. Hahahahaha!

Lunch was at the famous Cicerello's Fish & Chips! We ordered a small set to share because we had too much food in the morning. Honestly I don't think it's thaaaat good.. and it's not cheap. However it's a touristy place that I must bring Wany to because it's a must visit for 1st timers in Perth. Haha!

Afterwards we went to the shopping mall! Wany is very amazed by the huge giant vegetables and the funky soft drinks in the supermarket. Hahahahahaha!

Honestly I forgot why I was posing beside the roast chicken section. LOL!

Brought Wany to Target and she bought so much stuff! Target is my favourite place to shop in Perth cos they have awesome stuff at really good prices.

Mother's Day promotions everywhere! 
Half priced off Crabtree & Evelyn cookies? YES PLEASE!

Our combined loot for today! Hahahahahaha!

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