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Friday, May 13, 2016

Le hubby is in Perth!

Super pretty sunset view!

Le hubby is here! And his request for his 1st meal is...

Are you even surprised? He is like the Mcdonald ambassador and he will eat Mcdonald as often as he can if I don't stop him. -__-

Ordered the loaded fries with cheese and bacon. It looks good but the cheese tasted really artificial and the bacon is so salty. I couldn't finish it.

Finn pounced on him and refused to let go. Hahahahahaha! It's Finn's first time seeing Brendan but he is just super duper friendly with anyone. Finn was so excited when he saw Le hubby and his expressions was like "MY NEW FRIEND! YOU ARE MINEEEEE!!!". He stuck to Le hubby like glue.. I think maybe he has pouncing withdrawal because when Doug is around he will pounce on Doug and demand for hugs and when I was alone he tried doing that with me but I was very firm with him because he's so heavy and it's quite painful when he suddenly just jumps on me. He learns that I am not a pouncing-on type of person so he is super happy that he has someone new that he can pounce on. LOLOLOL!

Benji gave him the courtesy tail wag hello and practically ignored him afterwards. Le hubby said he's used to it cos Benji only loves me and not him. Hahahaha! TOO BAD! Heeheeheee.

Coco is very shy and she's extremely timid towards men. If you are a guy, you really have to gain her trust before she will even let you touch her. Usually she will hide behind me and only go near him after 1-2 days but she's really brave this time and let him pet her! Big achievement! Well done Coco! 

Le hubby's favourite dog is Coco cos he has to earn her affection. And also it's impossible to earn affection from Benji cos he's the bossman and he don't do affection. I'm just lucky that I got the chance to take care of him when he was a puppy so he loves and trusts me a lot.

We are bringing the dogs to the Million Paws Walk on Sunday! Really excited! o(*^▽^*)o

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