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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chloe's 1st super short haircut!

After sleeping on the decision on whether to bring Chloe for a haircut.. I decided that I should choose practicality over vanity!

Instead of going back to Petfolio, I decided to bring her to another groomer.. Reason being, Simon (owner of the shop) refuse to let her cut short hair cos he says she looks nicer in long hair. Like all the show dogs in USA who have long silky hair.. but our weather is super mad hot and I think poor Chloe is suffering cos I can't turn on the aircon 24hrs a day for her and her fur is really really thick!

So I googled for the nearest (and best) groomer near my house and brought her there.. We went to "Mad about grooming" at Rocco Baleastier..

I am really happy with the results. It's $55 for a full grooming session and here are some Before & After pictures of my darling Chloe...

I still need some time to get use to her short hair cut, but I think she loves it because she seems happy and not emo at all.. Also, it's much easier for me to comb her hair now since it won't get tangled so easily. :)

I kept lamenting that her fur is so short and she looks like a boy instead of a girl... But Pipimon kept comforting me that her fur will grow back.. :( But I think it just take some getting use to cos her size has reduced by around 30% since her fur has been chopped off and she looks boyish at some angles.. though some angles she still look really cute and pretty. I think it's all about angles?

But overall, I feel that she looks like a baby lamb now. Hee!


Anonymous said...

i prefer her short coat to the long coat.. its SUMMER~ haha


Jasmine Tay said...

:) She prefers short hair also.. I see that she is happier and more cheerful now. Haha!