Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Hallie!

Hallie (Siew Hui) was my ex-colleague in Namho Travel and she is one of the very few people that I liked and kept in contact with. We were quite close cos we sat beside each other and she helped me a lot during my first few weeks in the company when I was struggling to get used to the company's culture.. She's also a great chit-chat partner! :)

Her birthday party was held today, at Blk 402 Fajar Road where she stayed. There's a BBQ pit just beside her block with she rented for her party. Her actual day is actually next Tuesday 05 July but she decided to celebrate early because not many people will be free on a weekday to attend her party.

I went to Namho to meet with Santi (who's working there now) and we took Bus 190 which is a direct bus service to Hallie's house.


It's like so damn freaking far away! Even though it's only over 20 stops and it's a direct service, it takes us from Outram to Chinatown to Orchard to Expressway THAN a few more stops before reaching her house, which is near Bukit Panjang Plaza.

I can't imagine taking the bus everyday to commute to work. It's around 1hour journey each way!

We arrived around 9.15pm cos Santi guniang finished work at 8pm.. We were so worried that we will miss the cake-cutting cos it's stated as 9pm but luckily we made it in time! :)

Group pic with the "Namho" people

Love the cake!

It's fresh cream with fruits inside! Very old school!

Self-shot failed. As usual. I hate this camera.

Hallie very nicely offered to help us take another picture! I wasn't wearing makeup at all so please don't laugh at my uneven skin tone..

Anyway me and Santi guniang believe that eating birthday cake is lucky! That's why I always always eat at least 1 slice of birthday cake no matter how badly it taste. But Hallie's cake was so nice, I went for a large second helping and kinda regretted it cos it was 4 times the size of my 1st slice! T_T"

Some of the polaroids she took.. She had a whole stack!

Spot me! :)

Love polaroids cos it makes my skin looks flawless!

Hallie's birthday presents haul!

This is my present for her.. I bought the box from Daiso at $2.. Even though it's cheap, it's nice!! It looks very Cath Kidson and I love both the flower and polka dot prints! :D

Bought her a OPI nail polish set, Sogurt vouchers and a nice 21st bday card. :)

Here's Santi goofing off with Hallie's other camera.. Some loco camera thingy that is very popular nowadays..

Hallie received TWO Polaroid Cameras of the SAME design SAME colour from two different groups of friends.. Major kua kua kua.. If it were different colours it would not be that awkward but I guess sometimes freak coincidences do happen, that's why I always advise a birthday boy/girl to have a wishlist so people will not double-buy the exact same item for you..

Of course the wishlist has to be reasonable and within your friends' budgets.. no point wishing for a branded bag if most of your friends are students right? Unless they are students with a huge allowance from their parents.. then that's a different story.

Good night y'all!

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