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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

It's Nathaniel's birthday today! :)

Last week we went out for dinner and I promised to treat him for a movie & dinner on his actual day instead of buying him a present cos I don't know what to buy for him and his wishlist is so expensive!!

So instead of the normal tickets, I bought Gold Class tickets instead to make it more special! ^^

The movie we watched was Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon.. The beginning was great because the scriptwriters very cleverly wove in real historic events into the storyline but towards the end it kinda lost direction.. the Chicago fighting scenes were a bit lame and lack-luster and they should have included an Easter egg (surprise scene after credits)! I was waiting till the end hoping they will show something since the ending was so abrupt and I read that this is the end of the trilogy and the new 4th installment will have totally different actors and a new director! :(

Also, I am very disappointed with the new female lead! She is so whinny and useless! Keep shouting for help, "SAM! HELP ME!" and no back-bone "SAM! DO WHATEVER THEY TELL YOU TO! HELP!". Towards the end they tried to make her more sassy like Megan Fox by incorporating a scene of her taunting Megatron but it just fell flat.

I prefer Megan Fox! She was sassier, braver (she tackled and threatened a Decepticon robot and even managed to convert him to the Autobot's side). Also, her body is more proportional, she is just the right size for Shia LaBeouf and they had chemistry! The new female lead is too tall! She looks good on the runway (being a Victoria Secrets model) but she just can't make it as an actress!!

Sigh! If only there wasn't any 'creative differences' between Megan and the director! The movie would have better.

Anyway, out of the 3 Transformers movies, my fave was still Part 1! :)

We look super happy here cos the guy who helped us take the picture was very funny. Haha! And I was wearing a nice dress cos I came from work.. I rushed like mad cos the movie was at 6pm! He took half-day leave so he sat around waiting for me at Vivocity for around 4hours!!

Managed to take a nice self-shot after 8 tries!!

Look at the food!

Total amount spent on food was $59.92 and it was 8cents short of getting the free Transformers Monopoly playing cards! 8cents! Bloody hell.. Anyway, the food standard has really dropped and the chairs are so dirty! I kept fidgeting around cos I can feel crumbs on the seats and when the lights are on, you can even spot stains and mold on the upholstery! For S$28.. it's not worth the money anymore.. they started out great but did not bother to maintain the standard.. So, if given a choice I may not patronize them so often until maybe they renovate the place or introduce a new GoldClass cinema somewhere else..

Another shot before we left... for MORE FOOD!

Ohmygod.. I was so stuffed from the not-so-good dinner (cos I had 2 drinks) but I insisted on going for cakes and tea cos what's a birthday without cake??!?!?!

Sadly most my choices were sold out, so I settled on the Orange & Grapefruit tart. I only like the cheese based tarts and this was the only one left.. It was quite nice though, but I prefer the Banana & Mango.

Asked the waitress to prepare a candle for Nat.. :)

He refused to let me sing a Birthday song out loud (I can be quite thick-skinned when I want to..) so we sang in silent by miming the words and then he made a wish..

How do you mine a birthday song? Tsk! I wanted to make him stand on the chair while I sing for him!! Hahahahahaha!


Hope you enjoyed yourself Nat!

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