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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Branson's Baby Shower

Received a FB invite from Philip inviting me to his son's baby shower.. He got married less than 1 year ago and so productive! He has a son now! Hahaha!

I missed his wedding as my grandma passed away last year and I couldn't attend due to Chinese superstitions.. so I told him I will definitely make it for his son's baby shower. :)

Pipimon accompanied me and we went to Raffles City shopping centre to look for presents and also to have lunch before going down.

I always go and have a meal before a party cos if the food is not to my liking, at least I won't go hungry and become grouchy! Haha!

Couldn't find anything nice or useful so I decided to give them money instead.. Luckily I brought along a super cute angbao to put the money in (back-up plan). I think it's better also cos I heard that he spent over $1000 for the baby shower... So at least the money will cover a portion of it.. Haha!

We had lunch at Xi Men Ting..

The bowl of Lu Rou Fan is so huge!

Pipimon's scallop fried rice is very yummy!

Afterwards we took the train than a feeder bus to Esparis condo at Pasir Ris. 

Cupcake tier!

Me, Debbie & her hubby! We were trying the cupcakes.. but unfortunately the cupcakes were dry, overcooked and.. doesn't taste nice at all. Looks nice though!

Fondant Baby!

Yummy old-fashioned cakes!

Traditional Red Eggs!

Saw the baby and he's really cute! Sleeping in a crib at the corner even when the room was so noisy! Also heard from the daddy that he is a really good boy and doesn't really cry at night! Good!

Debbie and Andy (another ex-colleague from Apple who also had a baby recently) were talking about kids and also asking when I am getting married and having a kid.. I don't dare to plan that far yet.. Taking each day as it comes..

There were LOTS of people there in the condo function room! So much people until there were not enough seats and most of them had to stand! We had seats but no table so it was quite awkward and difficult to eat the food.. Overcrowding is a party-killer...

At least the food was good though.. Phillip catered them from Neogarden. :)

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