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Thursday, July 7, 2011

iPhone charger went BOOM!

A few days ago, I heard a loud boom, then POP sound when I was blowing my hair with the hairdryer..

I thought my hairdryer short-circuited and was so afraid that I will be electrocuted, but it's actually my iPhone charger....

The POP sound was when the cable was ejected from the plug automatically.

When I removed the plug, there is a black mark around the socket plug... Madness right?

At this time, my iPhone only had 15% left and since it was a Saturday, I can't borrow my colleagues' cable to charge my phone and there's only 1 iPhone cable/plug in the house.. So advice from my friends to "AppleCare" cannot be done as I don't have a phone to call them and during this time, I was not talking to Pipimon (one of our recent numerous squabbles) so I just had to live without a phone for 2 days..

I went to Nex Mall's Challenger, wanting to buy the charger but they only had the iPad charger.. The idiotic salesgirl suggested that I buy the iPad charger to charge my iPhone. Stupid idiot.. Wonder how she managed to get a job there. Idiot.

Anyway, the price for the iPhone charger is $48 just for 1 plug and 1 cable. And I refuse to buy the "generic" aka imitation ones as if anything else happens to my iPhone by using those fake ones, I cannot exchange my iPhone for another set under my current warranty plan.

On Monday, I went to work and borrowed one of my colleague's cable and managed to revive my iPhone so I can SMS one of my ex-colleagues, Wansi from Apple to help me order a new set of iPhone charger. Instead of the normal iPhone charger, I asked her to help me buy the World Adapter set, which is $58, but she's very nice to use her employee discount to buy for me.. So in the end the cost of the World set is cheaper than the $48 iPhone charger.

It only came on Thursday (DHL sucks), so I had to rely on my colleague's cables for a few days.. Hate being reliant on others, but I have no choice.. :(

Here is how the charger looks like.. the original iPhone used this kind of charger, the bulky ones before they changed to suit each nationality.. But strangely, I find that this charger is better than my old one as it charged my iPhone very fast! Around 1 hr and it will be full charge from 0%. Amazing. :)

Hope nothing happens to this!

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