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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yesterday, at Vivien's surprise birthday party.. I realized something strange... There were 3 tables and somehow or rather, my table was filled with all the people who have LEFT the company and the other 2 tables were filled with people still in the company..

Somehow there's an invisible line that divides us.

But I don't find it surprising.. I kinda expected it and I guess the reasons are:
  1. Since we are no longer working in the same company, there's no common topic to talk about anymore.
  2. We were never friends, merely colleagues. Thus, when we leave the company, those people has no more "ties" connecting to us.
  3. They are envious, jealous, resentful (1 or all of these)
To elaborate on point number 3, why do I say that they are envious and/or jealous and/or resentful? Well, they are in their comfort zone of working in the same job and envy us (the people who left) for having the courage to jump out of our comfort zone to seek better opportunities. They are jealous because once upon a time, we were all drawing the same salary and were on a equal stand.. but after we left, our salary increased (some by two-fold!), our employee benefits were better (e.g: 21days Annual leave compared to 10days), etc. They are resentful because they feel that we are no better than them in terms of ability and skills but somehow we are enjoying better salary and of course, a better quality of life..

Of course they won't say all of these.. most of them will give you a fake smile and say "oh! good for you!" but my in-built radar for bullshit & fakeness from people have been fine-tuned and I can sniff them out from a distance.. Just need to counter their fake flattery with fake enthusiasm.

I had to answer many curious & some irritating questions on where I am working now, how much I am being paid, and some stupid gossip shit.. but I'm past that.

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