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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Final Braces Update!

Happy New Year everyone! :)

I spent New Year's eve in Batam with Santi, Welly & Elson! It was really fun and I will post more pictures soon! :) I stayed for a night and came back to work today. :( Blogging during my breaktime now..

Santi and Welly went back to their respective hometowns! Gonna be months before I see them again! #emo.

I thought I can remove my braces yesterday and was so hyped up about it, but my dentist begged me to put it on for another month cos she wants it to be more stable and secure before removing them.. Imaging my super duper disappointed face. :(

Anyways, she gave me her solemn promise that I can finally remove my braces during the next appointment! 04 Feb! Hurray!

My final colours are silver and blue.. 

 Can't wait for next month! YAY! :)

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