Sunday, May 6, 2012

English countryside

Yesterday we went to Manchester Old Trafford Stadium yesterday for the museum tour! :) Will blog about it another time cos there's too many pictures!

It's Sunday today!! :) We went for a nice drive to the countryside before going to Blackpool.
Beautiful scenery on both sides of the road ^_^
Le bf calls this the "Pork Floss Road" because the grass on both sides resembles it.
Our "Yeo Daddy" ride. :) Spot Kitty!
Told le bf the car looks good in any angle, like a car ad. Haha!
Some random flowers growing on the ground. So pretty!
Beautiful meadows & crisp clean air! Aaaaahh!
The weather is perfect!! Around 11degrees Celsius!
Me & le bf~
Janiyce & Ryan
Janiyce & Me!
Le bf stopped the car for us to snap a picture of the horse..
These two sheep have the whole meadow to themselves!
My camera rocks! 
See how clear the picture of the sheep is when I zoomed in? 

I stood there singing softly to myself "Baa baa black sheep have you any wooool?", and Janiyce kept giggling at me and say I am very cute. =.=

See my next entry for our visit to Blackpool in the afternoon! I am going to tidy up the kitchen while the photos are loading. :)

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