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Friday, May 4, 2012

First day in Manchester!

Hello everybody! I am in Manchester, England now! :) I am here for a 10days holiday with le bf, his cousin & girlfriend (Ryan and Janiyce).

Ok, I am supposed to blog about our Bangkok Trip in January before coming here but I just don't have the time! Sorry! Anyway I want to spend more effort on that post because it's where he proposed to me to be his girlfriend. :)

Anyways, they planned this Manchester trip way before the two of us were attached, and booked the trip a few weeks before we were officially together.. so basically I'm just tagging along. Their package was very cheap as they booked with Expedia.com

I paid almost SGD1600 for my air tickets alone because I purchased it directly from the airline and much later than them.. I had to have firm approval for my leave application before I can buy the tickets. It's a pain in the ass getting any leave approved in my job so in the end I ended up paying a few hundred dollars more. Sucks, but too bad.

They paid almost the same price as me BUT the price includes air tickets, accommodation & car rental! Mad cheap and mad worth it!! But it's difficult for me to book a trip with Expedia because there's no cancellation and booking needs to be made way before hand (6 months or more) and like I mention, it's a bitch getting my leave approved.. if my leave cannot be approved I have to forego the whole thing.

We flew with Emirates!

It's my 1st time with Emirates and I am quite impressed! In fact I prefer them to Singapore Airlines. :) We flew from Singapore to Colombo then to Dubai, lastly ending up in Manchester.

The stopover in Colombo is only 1 hour so we were not allowed to leave the plane. The transit in Dubai was 2 hours and we had to switch planes so we can go down and stretch our legs..

Paul's! :)

I bought a croissants (still warm!) each for everyone and a lemon tart to share with le bf. :)

After arriving in Manchester, we went up to Level 13 where the car rental companies are to collect our vehicle! They rented a Peugeot, but the car rental company ran out of the car type and wanted to offer us a Mini van! OMG! So huge! So we declined and they offered us a free upgrade to a BMW3series! 
Our ride for the next 10 days!

Le bf and cousin are super excited and happy they got the BMW cos it's a Manual transmission vehicle with 6 gears and it runs on diesel! =.= But the good thing is I have an excuse to not drive because my license is a 3A license! Heh! Even if I can drive a manual (I can, I just don't have the official license) car, le bf will not let me drive because he's very protective of me.. Well, that's what I want to believe, instead of thinking that he doesn't trust my driving skills. Btw he has never been my passenger before cos I have never driven him.. He's always the one who does all the driving. 

Squishing Mr Birdy! heehee! He can transform into a neck pillow!

The drive to the apartment takes only 15mins! Le bf brought his trusty Tomtom GPS and we got there without any problems. :) We were 20mins too early for the check-in at 3pm so we went for a drive and also to change le bf mama's old English pound notes at the post office before coming back to the hotel.

The hotel is called Blue Rainbow Aparthotel. Basically all the units are either 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with living area and kitchen!

The living room
Our bedroom
Our bathroom in the hallway
The kitchen!

There's two bedrooms and one has an attached toilet while the other is just a room and the 2nd toilet is across it in the hallway. We took the room without the toilet and let his cousin & gf have the master bedroom. I didn't mind not having our own attached bathroom because their toilet only has a shower while mine has a bathtub! I love bubblebaths!

After a much needed bath (I soaked in hot water for 20mins! SHIOK!), we went out to the supermarket where I went nuts running around and shrieking cos the things are so cheap and fresh! Ben & Jerry's for SGD5 a pint? Madness! We bought food and stuff that I can cook for breakfast.. Decided not to cook dinner cos we were tired out from the flight so we went to tabao KFC! :)


There's only original flavour, no crispy. I like it a lot, though the rest said it's "so so". Strange thing is, they don't have mashed potatoes! Their fries are fatter than ours! And they have sweet corn! Weird. The coleslaw tasted funny too.. I prefer the Singapore version.

The time difference here is 7hours behind Singapore so even though it's 10.00pm here, it's already 5.00am in Singapore! The rest are having a bit of difficulty getting used to the time difference and jet lag, but I am good to go because I have been working the night shift for the past 5 months! Also, I am very adaptable so it's no problemo! Hope le bf won't have a hard time falling asleep later.. though I see him looking very sleepy already. Heehee.

Super happy because I have more than a week of quality time with le bf! No need to say good bye, only good nights! Can cuddle together and fall asleep together! Wake up and see his face first thing in the morning! Wheeee!!


I will update again soon! Love ya all!

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