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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Surprise for le bf's mama

Yesterday night I was at le bf's place after landing to sort out our stuff in both of our luggage. Le bf's mama showed me the flowers I ordered for her that was delivered on Saturday for Mother's Day. :) I also ordered a premium D24 durian cake from Emicakes for her.. Planned the "surprise" a few weeks before our trip because I know we won't have time to go out for dinner with her. Glad both of the items arrived without any problem.

I told le bf that the two dates he needs to remember is my birthday & our anniversary. I will help him remember all other important dates (family member's birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc). But I will kill him if he forgets my birthday. It's a good deal ok! LOL! I tested him the other time, suddenly asking him "Dear, when is my birthday??" and he replied "October Twenttyyy........... first?". Told him he lives and I shall spare his life for being correct, for now. Hahahahahahahhaa!

Cake & Flowers!
I think this face looks like his mama's face when she smiles. :D
The cake has a message on the side and also a necklace with a cross.
Not sure why it's leaking yellow liquid.. I guess it's the durian melting? 
I don't eat durian, but the cake IS GOOD. I finished a whole slice by myself!
I think the three siblings look very alike. :)
Can you spot Brownie in the background? Heehee!
Happy Mother's Day! 

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