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Monday, May 28, 2012

Lunch with Wany @ Soup Restaurant Nex

It's my off day again! Happy happy!

My off days are every Mondays & Thursdays until end September unless I have some shift swaps with my colleagues.

I met Wany for lunch today at Nex's Soup Restaurant!

Happygirl with all the yummy food!
Wany looking pretty! :) 
New dish! Salted Egg Yolk Chicken! Yums!
They asked me to fill up a survey form for this dish cos it's their 1st day introducing this new dish. Wany says I have the "Fill survey" face. I just told her I have the "Write nice survey" face. LOL!
My favourite claypot tofu! 
The signature Samsui Chicken
Afterwards I treated her to Sogurt! I love Sogurt! I cannot resist Sogurt! I think one of the main reason why I choose to move to Serangoon is because there's a Sogurt outlet in Nex Mall. Seriously.
Wany's cup VS my cup. LOL!
I always wanna get the big big cup but my sister says it's too kuazhang for one person to finish it. So I just take the smaller cup but fill it up to the max. Heh heh heh!

Did not bother with makeup today cos I went to Brendan house after meeting Wany for lunch.. Planned to have a nap (and I did! ^_^) while he was busy doing his work stuff and emails. We had a very epic cab ride from Nex Mall to Katong shopping centre, where Brendan picked me up cos the driver is too dodgy.. You will know if you are my Twitter follower, if not.. #YUNOFOLLOW


Anonymous said...

jas! I am from Australia and I've read your blog for ages and have been following you on twitter till I've recently realized you've either blocked your account or just me :( can I still read your tweets? My user name is Porsch.

Thanks :) Carrie

Jasmine Tay said...

Hi Carrie!
You can add me on twitter @jasminetas :) I locked my account for a while. Now I've unlocked it. You can now add me again :) Thanks for reading! Which part of Aussie are you from?

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks! I'm trying as we speak! I was from Singapore but moved to Sydney 5 years ago.

Jasmine Tay said...

Cool! I am going to Perth for 2 weeks in July! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok that's nice! It's gonna be cold!