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Sunday, May 6, 2012


We drove down to Blackpool today! Well, le bf did the driving. Heehee!

They googled for a place to visit last night because we did not know where to go. I am glad we went to Blackpool because it's so beautiful! It is a quaint little town in the North West of England, located just beside the ocean. 

Lots of amusement parks, strip joints, casinos, entertainment can be found in this area. It reminds me a little of Las Vegas, English style. :)

We arrived around 1pm as we went to the English countryside to take pictures (earlier entry) and only had around 4.5hours to roam around as the carpark closes at 5.30pm. Yes, a bit lame I know. We just walked along the beachfront and out onto one of the jetty. 

On the long stretch of jetty, there are little shops selling snacks, drinks, icecream, etc. We went into a traditional sweet shop and bought lots of yummy truffle chocolates there for only £2.50 per 100g! :)

Le bf posing outside the shop
Ryan & le bf
Resting in the shade with Janiyce :)
The tower in the background is the Blackpool Tower.
We can't go up cos it's under renovation.
I saw the word "Spuds" and I went "KANTANG! YAY!"
With lots of cheese and butter. Yums!
Om nom nom!
We had a mini lunch at one of the seafood stalls..
Lobster tail, oysters & crabsticks! Yums!
Bought some postcards.. ^_^ 
Pretty postcards!
Proof that I sent them in case they are not delivered! LOL!
Afterwards we drove back to the city of Manchester where we were staying and tabao-ed Macdonalds for dinner! Macdonalds is very expensive here so I don't think it's worth it.. But all the supermarkets are closed, so we can't go and buy provisions to cook.. Hope we don't eat Macdonalds again. I rather cook! :)

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