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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lunch with Brendan @ Central

It's a rare occasion that we can have lunch together on a weekday because both of us need to work and our schedules usually clash. He is off on weekends but I am off on Mon/Thurs. Moreover my shift is from 11am-8pm so it's either too late to meet up, etc.

We can only meet so often because Brendan does his best to accommodate to my work schedules. 

I remembered complaining to him that my schedule sucks. 11am-8pm is such a weird timing cos I cannot meet anyone for dinner afterwards (usually I have to stay back cos it's really busy at work). Moreover I don't have even one weekend off, which means I can never spend a full day with him or any of my other friends cos most normal people have weekends off. Worse part is, the shift is fixed for 3 months from July to September. 

I was ranting and ranting on whatsapp to him in late June when I received my schedule and was majorly upset cos if I finish work at 8pm it's too late to meet friends but too early to qualify for the cab charge card.. He was quite calm about it (he is very zen one) and replied me: "Don't worry. You will have free cab rides home. The taxi driver's name is.. Brendan Chew."

OMG. Mad sweet can?

It's been a month, well.. 2 weeks if you minus out our UK trip, and he kept his promise! He comes to fetch me everyday without fail and only once or twice he had dinner appointments so he can't come. I thought he was joking or humoring me but he actually meant what he said! 


Anyways, today is my off day and he can take some time out cos we have to go and apply visas to travel to Myanmar! Yes, we are flying off again.. 30June-03July to Yangon, Myanmar. Our SIM classmate is getting married and she invited both of us to the wedding. :)

I have already booked the rooms and reserved the flight tickets. Once visas are approved, I will issue the tickets and we will be all set to go! 

I called Shangri-la Hotel to make a reservation for 2 at The Line for their buffet lunch.. the irritating thing was, when we arrived there was no carpark! They cordoned off the basement carpark and the other wing's carpark cos there's some stupid event going on! Imagine 70% of the carpark space gone!! How to park? I was so pissed off cos I was very excited about having buffet (I am a pig) and my plans were dashed.


In the end we decided to go to Central instead for ramen at Santouka. Brendan has never ever stepped into Central (Clarke Quay) before. Crazy boh? Hahahahaha!

The standard has dropped, so it's no longer the best Ramen in Singapore. I am still on the lookout for the next best Ramen in Singapore.. hard to find. :*(
Ice cream! ^_^

Afterwards we went back to his place where he continued with his work while I took a nap! I love taking afternoon naps! It's such a luxury that we adults can barely afford nowadays with our hectic work schedules.

His dog, Brownie took a nap with me on his bed.. His nickname is Money.. Brendan's mama like to say "Money! Money come! Money come!" LOL!

He was snuggling between my legs while I sleep. I had to be careful not to kick him off the bed. Haha! Afterwards he trotted off to his next favourite spot in Brendan's room..

His bag! 
(IDK why Brendan has a children's book there.. haha!)
Kitty with Brownie! :)

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OMG. Mad sweet can?