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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Off day! :)

It's my OFF day today! My off days are always jam packed with activities cos I am just so popular!

Well, not really that popular but I need to plan for a lot of things to do.. Today I went for my dental checkup, buy birthday presents, IPL treatments, eyebrow threading, meet Timtim for lunch, meet the gossip girls (Yaya & XY) for dinner and then meet le bf at night for supper. 

Mad busy boh? Haha!

I met Timtim at Takashimaya. Initially we didn't know what to eat and he kept asking me "What you want to eat?" and I told him I have no preference.. which is a rarity cos I always have craving for certain types of food. Moreover I am so fussy that all my close friends who knows me very well will always let me choose instead of making the decision. Heh heh. So I kept asking him to make the decision and told him not to stress me and he replied "You don't want to stress so you give me stress lah??". LOL!

So we decided to have dim sum lunch at Crystal Jade. We went in and sat at the table but last minute went to Marriott Hotel instead for buffet lunch cos the menu didn't look very appetizing. Also, he has the Marriott membership so we get to enjoy 50% off for 2 persons! Cool deal!

He and Nat always takes very nice shots of me. 
He took so much candies! LOL!
The food!

IMHO, the food is not that fantastic. Total bill was around SGD59.00nett for two persons after the 50% discount. If there is no discount it will be super not worth it. Quality was quite meh. I prefer the Mandarin Oriental's Melt the World buffet.. but that's SGD79nett per person, so it's really "you get what you pay for".

After lunch I went for my beauty treatments at Paragon. Timtim accompanied me walking over and he was teasing me saying I am a tai-tai doing tai-tai things on a weekday. Hey!! I have no other time to do!! And a girl needs to pamper herself right!! :P

Afterwards I went to meet Brendan and his classmate from his Jap class at Ion Orchard for a while cos they were having dinner before their class at 6.30pm and I had some time to burn before meeting XY & Yaya at 6.45pm in Ion. He's so sweet to carry my shopping bags to his car so I don't have to carry them! :) It was a great relief cos one of the present is quite heavy and I've carried it around Orchard Road.. 

Met Yaya & XY for dinner at Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House at B3. Apparently there's another Imperial Treasure at Level 4 which I thought is the one Yaya wanted but turns out that is the super expensive one.. Haha!

Yaya bought me this!
It's some old school candy thingy. Very hard to find!
After dinner we went to Marmalade Pantry for desserts!
Previously I went with Wany and the food and service sucks.
Service is still not fantastic, but at least my sticky date pudding is nice! :)
Me and the gossip girls

I don't know why I nicknamed them the gossip girls, but since I already have "Queen Gang" with the inclusion of Joyce & Money, I decided to call the 3 of us gossip girls instead cos we always bitch and gossip a lot when we are together. Hahahahahaha!

Finally, I went to Delfi Orchard to meet up with le bf after his class and we went to Serangoon Gardens for prata supper before he sent me home. :)

Super packed day today but super fun!

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