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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It's Tuesday already! We are midway through our holiday and time seems to pass too fast!

The weather is great and we are enjoying ourselves a lot! I am very happy because I don't have to worry about work and I can just leave everything behind and just concentrate on being happy because I am soooo far away from home. Also, I have the company of my best friend+boyfriend 24/7! What more can I ask for? :)

It is wonderful not needing to say goodbye to him at night.. we can chit-chat & cuddle till anytime we want until we fall asleep together. I love waking up seeing him beside me and him kissing me good morning. Feeling really loved and blissful now. 

Also, I wake up earlier than the rest to make breakfast everyday! It's not a chore cos I really enjoy being in a kitchen and preparing food for people I love.

Today's breakfast is very simple because we have to finish up the 4 cheeses we bought at Harrods yesterday. We are supposed to put it in the fridge after 3 hours but because of dinner + the ride back to Manchester, we can only put it in the fridge after 6 hours and it's kinda not so fresh anymore. :( We ate the cheese with bread and yummy mushroom soup! Tomorrow I plan to cook bacon, eggs, portobello mushrooms and maybe pancakes! ^_^
After breakfast, le bf drove us to Liverpool.He dropped us in the city centre and drove off cos he has to meet another client. Poor him have to combine business with pleasure for our trip.
Super cool vehicle!
I bought lots of clothes! Happy!
Afterwards le bf came to pick us up and we went to Anfield, home of the Liverpool Football club.

Compared to Manchester United's Old Trafford Stadium, Anfield looks like a dump. Seriously. I am not a football fan but even I can tell Man U has more money just by the outlook and upkeep of their stadium. There was a match going on so we did not go into the stand.. but both le bf and Ryan are Man U fan so they will never go for the museum tour (if there is one) at Anfield. Hahahahaha! Ryan is a die hard Man U fan and kept criticizing how lousy Anfield is.. Hahahahhaa!
Dinner tonight courtesy of Ryan! 
He cooked so much pasta we all nearly fainted. LOL!

We are going to Paris for two nights from tomorrow till Friday! Gonna do the long drive down to London and take the Eurostar into Paris. It's a impromptu trip and I hope it won't be toooo rushed, though I expected it to be. We are not bringing the laptop to Paris cos we are travelling light so I won't be able to update my blog when I am there.. most probably gonna do it when I am back in Singapore cos on Friday night we are driving back up to Manchester and the next day we are flying back to Singapore! Madness. Wish us luck! :) We are gonna have lots of fun in Paris!

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