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Monday, May 14, 2012

Our last day in Manchester

We left Paris on Friday evening, took the Eurostar back to London and both the men drove up from London to Manchester.. We arrived back in our apartment almost 3am in the morning last Saturday (that's 10am Singapore time!) AND we have to check out at 11am on the same day..! Mad rush or what?? Requested for a late check out and had to pay GBP10 per hour which was worth it cos we needed the time to pack our luggage, catch up on our sleep and eat breakfast!

Our last meal in the apartment!

We had mushroom risotto, scrambled eggs, chicken satay, spam, cheese, chicken corn soup, and my favourite crab stick with seafood/cocktail sauce! ^_^

My happy diners. Hee!

In the basement carpark

I managed to squeeze all our luggage into the boot and only le bf's smaller luggage had to be placed in the back seat. Achievement ok? LOL!

We had a large 5litres of water bottle left so we transferred it to the smaller bottles at the carpark. We were literally chased out of the apartment cos we woke up late and by the time we left it's almost 1.40pm! Heehee! The house keeping had to come in and clean for the next guest checking in at 3pm. I guess he/she must hate us cos we left all the dishes on the table and did not wash them. Well, I wanted to clean up the kitchen but the front desk guy asked us to clear out and leave all the cleaning to housekeeping.. So, too bad. Hee!

Ryan & Brendan transferring the water. 

As our flight was around 9pm, we had a few hours to spare. Le bf drove us to Trafford Centre, one of the largest shopping mall in Manchester and we went shopping! Did not buy much stuff though.. I bought 2 dresses and some baby clothes for his god daughter who's due sometime in August. (When I say I buy, actually is his money cos I don't have any GBP. Hee!)

Afterwards on the way to the airport, we drove to Old Trafford where Ryan can soak in Man U Stadium air for the last time before we leave Manchester. LOL!

Then we drove to the airport, returned the vehicle and did our check-in.. had around 1 hour to spare and we went for a late lunch/early dinner! Actually le bf said to eat on the plane cos our flight will definitely have dinner served but I was hungry and did really wanted to wait.. and we all know airline food is horrible! I don't wanna be hungry all the way till Singapore!!

So we walked around the airport and decided on Giraffe! :)
Kitty at the crossroad
The couples shared a main each cos it was huge!
They ordered the Fish & Chips while I ordered chicken! :)
The sweet potato fries is to die for! DAMN NICE!

The flight back was good.. Emirates is a good airline to travel. I used Brendan's spare noise cancellation earphones and half slept, half watched movies on the flight. We had a stopover in Dubai where he raided the chocolate store for his mum. Bought few hundred dollars worth of kit-kats! Hahahaha! I also nearly lost my hello kitty jacket there but luckily I found it. Thank God.

Pamela & Cheryl (Brendan's sisters) came to the airport to pick us up and we went back to their place to unpack and sort out our luggage and stuff before he sent me home. Oh! I saw the flowers and cake I ordered for his mother for Mother's Day. Super nice! Shall post it in my next entry!

Overall the trip was FANTASTIC! Just that I wished we had more time.. well, don't we all? :)

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