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Monday, June 18, 2012

Brownie aka Money

Brownie & I

Le bf's family had two dogs, Rascal & Brownie. Rascal is the elder brother, while Brownie is the younger one.. Unfortunately I never had the chance to meet Rascal because he passed away last year..

I remembered le bf whatsapping me telling me that Rascal passed away. He was so devastated. Then when we met, he will always tear when he mention Rascal. He's better now, but sometimes he still gets a bit emo when we talk about Rascal. It's really too bad that I did not get to meet Rascal.

Brownie on the other hand, is the "only child" in the family now. Le bf's mama like to dress him up in shirts. One of it is a super pink and frilly top that make him look damn gay. Well, Brownie also behaves like a guniang sometimes.. which le bf says is because he doesn't have testicles (they had to be removed cos of medical reasons). Maybe it's some hormonal thingy. Oh wells.

Le bf's mama calls him Money because she likes to say "Money come! Money come!". Super cute right? I really love her a lot cos she is always so jovial, and is very nice & sweet to me. :)

Anyways, usually when I go to his place, he will be busy doing his work emails and stuff and I will just laze on his bed with my phone. Brownie will always jump up (it's amazing how high he can jump at such ease!) and snuggle beside me for warmth. At least he's nice enough to scoot over to the side when I ask him nicely.. but sometimes I have to nudge him away cos he will dominate the whole pillow or middle section of the bed.

I wonder how will Brownie react when he sees Chloe, and vice versa. Hope they won't fight.. though Chloe is so over friendly, sometimes she scares other dogs away.

We shall see! :)

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