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Saturday, June 30, 2012

When Chloe meets Brownie!

Brendan just picked me up from my place and I'm at his house now waiting for him to pack his luggage before we fly to Yangon, Myanmar. Yes, we are flying today but he has not packed his luggage yet. Tsk tsk. His dad will drop us off at the airport later, but he will detour to Petfolio where Chloe will be staying for the next few days.

I am keeping a close eye on Chloe and Brownie as it's their first ever meeting together. Chloe is very excited to explore a new place, but Brownie seems quite territorial. I think Brownie is having mixed feelings cos I can see he is yearning to sniff Chloe and make friends with her, yet jealous that she is getting more attention than him cos usually I will give him belly rubs when I come over but this time my attention is focused on Chloe.. I am afraid that she will pee in the house due to excitement. 

Chloe sniffing le bf's stuff while Brownie keeps a close eye on her..

Chloe is super funny! Because my door opens from the left side, she keep standing on the left side of the door waiting for us to open it but Brendan's door open from the right side! Super silly doggy.. had to nudge her with my feet a few times to make her realize the door is not opened from the left. Hahahaha!

Alrighty, I need to make sure both of them don't end up fighting cos Brownie is growling now.. Brendan went to bath so there's no one to hold him if he ends up pouncing on her. I'm gonna put her on the chair while I give him his usually belly rubs. :)

We will be in Yangon for a mutual friend's wedding from today till next Tuesday! I've never been to Myanmar (previously known as Burma) before, so this is gonna be fun!

Bye everyone!

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