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Friday, June 15, 2012

Wild Honey & P.S Cafe

Had a fun fun day today! Met Yaya & Jace at Bugis Hawker Centre for lunch. It's been ages since I went to a old school open-air hawker centre! It's all food courts now which have horrible food.. Anyways, afterwards we went to the Guan Yin temple and Jace left because she had to meet her mother. 

I went to Yaya's office which was nearby to kaypoh because I had time to kill before I meet Wany for dinner at night.. Asked Yaya to join us and she said ok, so I ended up waiting for Yaya to finish work before we go to Orchard together to meet Wany. :)

Wany was early (for once leh! haha!) and waited for us at Wild Honey in Scotts Square. If you plan to go, make reservations early because we did not and they only limit us 1 hour to finish our meal. When they say 1 hour, is really 1 hour cos they keep coming to chase us away.. and Wany - being the slow eater, had trouble finishing her food.

My Eggs Benedict. I love them so much!

It's not easy to cook perfect poached eggs, let alone make a nice Hollandaise sauce! I am just glad that le bf has simple tastes and he is happy with sunny side ups (3 eggs) for breakfast. I don't know how to cook poached eggs! And being the crazy perfectionist I am, I will most likely sacrifice the whole carton of eggs to make 3 perfect ones for him.

Wany with Kitty!

I ordered extra bacon! Woohoo!

Tai tais, please!
(Not sure why Wany had a sultry pose. HAHA!)

I seldom take pictures of receipts, but I wanna show you guys the cute postcards that came with it. Super sweet! ^_^ Chances of me celebrating Father's day with my own dad is close to nil, but I will be celebrating with le bf's family tomorrow night! ^_^

What happens in the Ladies' room. Haha!

I lost the pink dolphin Thomas Sabo charm she bought me from Hong Kong. :(

Afterwards, I told them I had to go and wait for le bf to finish his Jap class. Usually I will go to Palais Renaissance's Antoneitte cafe to have a pot of tea and some macaroons and they said they wanted to join so we walked there from Scotts Square. The place was half empty but the idiotic waiter refused to let us in, saying they have reservations and there's no more tables for us. I find it ridiculous that a restaurant/cafe can allow all their tables to be reserved over the phone, leaving none for walk-in customers who are already there and willing to pay. What if they are a no-show? They just lost a table of sales and pissed off their potential customers. 

Whatever.. we went upstairs to P.S Cafe which was also full, but the friendly waiter asked us to take a seat while he find seats for us. We managed to be seated in 15mins time! Ordered desserts while waiting for le bf.. We almost finished our desserts before he came. 

Happy girls with their desserts

Yaya's Pineapple Meringue Tart

Wany's Carrot Cake

My Sticky Pudding. ^_^


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wanwen said...

I was starving that day I remember! Then I became so stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey at e end cos e portions at Wild Honey are HUGE!