Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Celebration

Father's Day celebration today! :)

Well, not with my father but with le bf's father and family! 

I feel so loved when I am invited to their family dinners. ^_^ It's been years since I had a proper family dinner.

I am actually having the flu but you can't tell due to the wonders of makeup! I thought I could hide my illness and pretend I am well, but le bf's mama asked me "Are you sick?" the moment she saw me in the restaurant. There is no hiding from that woman. Amazing.

Le bf bought a new camera for the car..

He said the quality is not as good as promised, and it's not really "HD" when he view the footage on his computer. I forsee him buying a new one by the end of next month. LOL!

 Anyways, I skipped work today cos I woke up feeling really horrible. Went to the doctor's and took MC, came home and popped some pills and slept until le bf came to my place. I gave him a spare key to the main door so he can come up without me having to walk down the stairs to open the door for him. Yes I am super lazy nowadays.. Chloe can run up and down without missing a beat. Haix.

 Love my new hair colour!

 It's a bit of dark seaweed green + brown undertones. :)

 Le bf and his fave cheese. Cheese crazy.

 Pam & Cheryl kept feeding me with cakes & desserts. Bless their hearts.

Not much photos during dinner cos the place was packed and we were sitting in the corner where there's not much room to squeeze for photos. But I had a great time with his family today! Seeing them chatting, the family bantering.. it's something that I've not experienced in a long time. 

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