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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chili's at RWS

I am super happy today cos Santi & Welly are back for a visit! 

The sad thing is they will only be here for 1 week cos they have to travel back to Pekanbaru to prepare for their new business. They are from different cities and they are setting up business in Pekanbaru which is not any of their hometowns so it's gonna be tough for them.. But at least they don't have to deal with a long distance relationship cos it's around 1.5hours by flight plus a few hours car journey between them if they stay in their hometowns instead.

It's been almost 6 months since I last saw the both of them.. I MISS THEM SO MUCH! It's crazy cos we spend a lot of time together when they are in Singapore previously and suddenly when they went back to Indonesia, I lost 2 close friends! Sigh. 

Welly said Brendan is a good replacement for them.. and he is super happy for the both of us because he is the original "Ringleader" of the BC Gang (aka Brendan Chew Gang). He started recruiting people into his gang that supports the two of us to be in a relationship. Quite silly but very funny. Haha! Brendan is super surprised when he heard about BC Gang because he did not expect such overwhelming support from my closest friends. 

They arrived from Batam by ferry (took flights to Batam). I asked them to take the later ferry that will reach around 8pm cos I finish work at 8pm and we can go out for dinner together then Brendan can send them home.. So, Brendan came to my office to pick me up and we went to pick them up at Harbourfront.. 

We brought them to RWS Chili's for a dinner treat! :)

Our favourite Honey Chiptole Crispy Chicken!
Le bf tried the burger.. the bacon is sooo good!
My favourite couple! :)
Le bf and Me! 

We chatted until the restaurant closes around midnight.. afterwards we went back to the car where Welly opened up the carton boxes and started distributing food to me and Brendan. I requested for a box of Indomee cos Brendan likes to eat that particular flavour and he really bought one box back! They also bought many other snacks like keropok, nuts, etc.. ^_^ Super nice of them!

Welly look like a illegal car boot salesman. LOL!

I hope to be able to spend more time with them this week! They have to run their own errands and also meet up with their other friends too, but I will try my best to monopolize as much of their time as possible! Heehee!

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