Sunday, June 10, 2012

House Party

Santi & Welly are leaving today to go back to Indonesia. Sad max. I organised a farewell party for them yesterday night at my place.. I don't know when I will see them again because they are not coming back to Singapore indefinitely. They are starting their own business in a city in Indonesia.. Sigh.

Prepping in the kitchen before the other guests arrive!

They came earlier to cook their signature spaghetti dish that they made during Xmas last year that left all the guests wanting more. :)

Yum yums!

I made it a Potluck Party so everyone can cook/bring their own dish but most of them were either too busy or lazy to cook that we chipped in to order snacks from Perkies! The lady boss delivered the food herself and she was really friendly! Prices are reasonable too. :) Brendan's cousin, Ryan cooked Sweet & Sour Pork and my sister brought Pandan Chicken. Yummeh max!

Taking a picture with a very unwilling Chloe.. 

Look at all the sauces!

Special guest of the day: Nathaniel's puppy, Benjamin!

He has a perpetual grumpy look! LOL! 
But he's so soft and fluffy and smells sooo nice!

At first he was shy and did not wanna play with Chloe, but after a while he started chasing her around. LOL! He is 6 months old and almost the size of Chloe. Nat said Chloe is the first dog playmate that Benjamin had! Wah!

Janiyce & Ryan
So happy they could come! :)

Santi Guniang squashing Chloe with the cushion. Haha!

Group picture! 

Elson, Hallie, Welly, Santi & Me

Le bf is missing because he's upstairs in my room helping Welly set up his new TomTom GPS device which was a belated birthday gift from me. :) I owed him a present since December last year and I didn't know what to buy for him until he told le bf to help him buy a TomTom device since we were going to the IT Fair and he did not have time to go. It's quite cheap.. only $149 with lifetime maps for Asia without subscription! Good buy! 

Ending the post with a too cute picture of Chloe! :)

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