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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crazy day of eating!

Today is a crazy day of eating eating eating. I seriously don't know how to slim down in time to be a bridesmaid for Tabitha's wedding next January. Sigh.

Lunch at Sukiya Marina Square
No cheeseballs! WHY!!!
My sister and I waiting for Welly & Santi to come..
Joanna cracking the eggs for us to dip the meat in. Yums!
Crazy amount of udon!
Santi & Welly finally arrived! :)
We had to pay $5 extra for one more pot.

Quite silly actually.. If you go as a couple, you get 1 pot. If you have 4 persons, also 1 pot and any additional pot is $5 more. Why the double standards? Stupid. But we heck care and just ordered another pot.

Desserts and drinks at MOF next door!
I always choose this yummy icecream combo!
Been ages since I've been there!
I always go with Wany years ago! :)

Welly & Santi-guniang!

Love my sister to bits!

After lunch & desserts, I went for my dental appointment at Toof Doctor Tanjong Pagar while the couple went shopping.. My sister accompanied me and we cabbed home after buying some stuff at NTUC. That cab ride is the 3rd one she took with me today and she's shocked at the frequency of my cab rides.

I made her wash Kitty.
She's my official "elf" to clean Kitty! ^_^

Kirei Kirei & a toothbrush does the trick! :)
Chloe needs a bath too!
She looks like my bedroom sleepers! 
Gonna send her to the groomer tomorrow!

Afterwards we went to Nex Mall to meet up with Welly & Santi for dinner! Brendan came over too! :)

The guys discussing the pros and cons of various Tom Tom (GPS navigator) designs.

My sister sitting quietly in the corner while the four of us yak away.. :)

Afterwards le bf sent all of them home while I went back to sleep... Tomorrow and Saturday are my off days too cos my colleagues swapped with me! 3 days! YIPPEE! I am gonna stay home and sleep the whole day tomorrow and also clean the house to prepare for Saturday's party. Gonna throw a Farewell party for Santi & Welly! :) Updates soon!

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