Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Din Tai Fung & Sogurt at Nex

Met Welly & Santi for dinner today! Brendan came to my office to pick me up (Thanks dear!) and we went back to my place to park the car then walked to Nex Mall. I am staying very near Nex, around 5 mins walk and usually he will park at my house cos the parking at Nex is atrocious.. moreover it's free parking at my house. :)

We met them at Din Tai Fung cos Welly always wanted to try the Xiao Long Baos there but didn't have a chance to. Previously I asked him to go for lunch there but he wanted to wait for Santi to go together (so tianmimi) cos she was on a tour to Taiwan and couldn't go with us.

Anyways, the long awaited dinner has finally arrived and it's a double date! :)

Santi & Welly!
Xiao Long Baos! (We ordered 2 of these. Hee!)
My fave pork chop rice!
Le bf and me 
New dessert: Mango Pudding
Brendan wanted to try the Almond jelly with sesame paste but it's sold out. :(
Santi has a Sogurt craving since December!
There's no Sogurt in Indonesia so she's super happy!!
Le bf is used to my Sogurt addiction already. Haha!
Belated House-warming gift from Santi & Welly!
They weren't able to attend my house warming in April, nor helped me move house cos they were in Indonesia. Santi said this Tupperware series is limited edition and though it's lifetime warranty, if I damage it they may only replace it with the normal type if these are sold out... Shows you how well they know my tendency to break stuff, even hardy stuff like Tupperware. =.=
Box of 4! I love the colours!
Each one comes with a spoon! So cute! 
You can clip it to the bottom of the cover! :)
Kitty with the spoons. Hee!

I was telling my sister the difference between Tupperware and normal plastic containers. She is so brainwashed by marketing campaigns that she cannot tell the difference between the product and the brand. Tupperware is a brand and the plastic containers without the brand is just plain containers but people are used to calling them "Tupperware". Likewise for Pampers. It's diapers but people are used to saying "Pampers". We all substitute brands for the products because of strong marketing campaigns.. and I guess they really work because a lot of people can't tell the difference anymore for many products.

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