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Monday, June 11, 2012

My new Label Maker

I once told Brendan that one of my lifelong dream is to label everything I own. I know it's a silly dream. Haha!

So when we went to Challenger and I saw there's a few label makers on display that are actually working units, I went crazy! I kept customizing labels with my name, Chloe's name, his name and printing them out. With each label printed, I will shriek with joy and pass it to him so he can keep it for me while I continue to make another one! He was very amused by my happiness.. We went there twice and and each time I will leave with a stack of labels. Heehee!

So, he fetched me from work and said "Let's go Vivocity ok?". Then we went into Challenger and he asked if I wanted to buy the label maker and I thought "Why not?" since I like using the device and it's kinda cheapo to keep going back to play with the display set. Haha! But when we were at the cashier he refused to let me pay and told me it's a gift. Awwwww. 

I think it's wonderful to receive presents that I really like without an occasion! Anyway, I realized that all his presents to me are electronic items. Techie stuff. Hee!

He said he's stressing about my birthday this year and our 1st anniversary next year because I am very difficult to be 'surprised', and I get pissed off at lousy surprises. But knowing how romantic and sweet he is, I know he will do a good job. 

There are many models and brands but we decided on the Epson LW-400 because it's a mid range device and the label refills are not as expensive as Brother's, though Brother's machines are cheaper but look kinda flimsy.
He asked how many refill labels I wanted, but I only chose one first because the set comes with a white with black font label and it should take quite long time to finish one since it's around 18metres.. But I think the sample one is much shorter.
We opened the pink polka dot label to use first. :)
The wires, charger and the manual.
It runs on AA batteries (6 of them) so I can go wireless! :D
I thought the instructions manual gonna be super boring and didn't wanna read it, but le bf showed me and it's actually very instructive and easy to read because they printed out all the frames, icons, and the instructions are very easy to follow. Idiot proof for people like me!
I love the Panda icon! 
Thank you Mr Chew! Love you love you love you! Muacks! 

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