Monday, October 15, 2012

Sarang at Orchard Central [08-Oct-12]

Part 2 of the fun day out on 8 Oct!

So.. after window shopping, we went to Sarang at Orchard Central for dinner!

We were at Takashimaya, wondering where is the nearest place for nice (but not too expensive) Korean food.. Googled and found the nearest one -- Sarang!

I called them to check if they are full house and was told there's plenty of seats, which is strange cos the reviews always say that they are full.. but I'm not complaining cos less people = more attention to the food we order and better service! :)

We walked over and sat inside. There's an indoor and outdoor sitting area. 
No smoking in the outdoor area though. 

Free appetizers were kinda.. blah. 
Only 3 types and so little for 4 people!

I was looking at the menu and wondering out loud "Why call it Army Stew? So weird..". Then Welly & Santi replied at the same time "After the Korean War.... blah blah". I gave them a super surprised look and said "Wah! So smart ah!". But they both laughed and pointed to the top of the menu..

Chey. There's an explanation and I missed that out..

My watermelon + Soju. 
Not much alcohol taste, so I can accept it. It's quite interesting. 

This is the Army Stew. Looks dodgy, but it's nice. :)

Korean rice cake. SUPER NOT NICE! Do not order this.
Even Welly said it's not very nice, and he eat anything and is super not-fussy.
Pork Belly is.. so-so.

I love the spicy pork wrapped in lettuce!
The sauce is... Om nom nom!

Chap Chae (Stir fried glass noodles)
Funny story about this.. I didn't know how to pronounce this, so I told the waiter (Taiwanese boy) in Mandarin "Wo yao Chap Chai!". Which roughly translates to "I want mixed vegetables". He tried explaining to me that it's not mixed vegetables but it's noodles and I kept teasing him by saying I don't care, I want my mixed vegetables. Lots of laughs from everyone. Sometimes I am such a clown. -_-

My favourite couple~~

With Wany, my bestie~

That's the Taiwanese waiter who served us.
He is very friendly and patient! Super nice fella!

He even helped us serve our Army Stew into little bowls!
I doubt it's a common thing they do in the restaurant cos the other tables didn't have this service. I think I entertain him a lot and he told his friend who came over and talked to us and served us also.. Both of them want to be entertained by the crazy woman (me). Hahahahahaha!

Group picture of happy & satisfied people!

Wanted a group picture at the entrance with the tacky door thingy and the two waiters joined us! They are at the back.. :) Had a great time at Sarang today! Good food, good service and reasonable prices! I'll bring Le bf back here soon to try the food!

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