Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday today! Happy happy happy! I had a great time celebrating yesterday at Fairmont Singapore where I booked a room and invited my friends over for a tea party. ^_^

Didn't sleep much because Cheryl had food poisoning last night and Le bf brought her to the doctor and only came back at 3am.. He missed wishing me at midnight cos he left at 11pm++ to send Cheryl to the clinic.. sigh. But it's alright cos I had a great time with him today despite the heavy downpour at Legoland.

Many thanks to Joyce, Wany & Yayin for staying with me till 2am in the morning at the hotel.. We had so much fun playing Old Maid, Monopoly Deal and watching The Walking Dead on HBO. ^_^

He bought me an annual pass for Legoland as a birthday present. :) We woke up at 8am today (4 hours sleep, kill me please) and he drove in to Johor, Malaysia straight from the hotel after we check-out.

After queuing forever (20mins), I decided to find an alternate way in.. I was quick enough to spot a staff ushering people inside to take picture for the annual pass.. signaled Le bf and managed to push ourselves to the front of the queue. Le bf said I am very quick and smart at looking for short-cuts.. well, I just really detest queuing, and if there's a shortcut why not? :P

First picture in the park! :)

 We explored the mini lands..

 Spot Kitty!

 Ooh! Singapore Fullerton Hotel!
Spot Merlion!

 If you press a button, the Merlion will shoot water out at you..

Got ambushed by one of the official photographers to take a picture. He used his, then used mine to take a picture. Each official picture costs RM30 I think.. total rip-off.
 He made us pose "L" for "Legoland". Hur hur.

 I like the China exhibit!
There's the tacky dragon dance and pandas!

 Panda is so cute!

 Why always vilify the poor shark? Tsk!
 Le bf taking picture of me taking picture of Kitty-chan. 

We did not had the chance to sit on a single ride. Barely 30mins after we entered, it rained! The rain was crazy! Getting heavier and heavier and was non-stop for 3hours! We went for lunch at KFC and stood there for 1hour++ after lunch just staring at the rain and hoping it will stop soon.. Stupid thing was, there's no shelter between the restaurants and Legoland! We can't run 300m in the pouring rain without getting wet! And it was flooded! Tsk... when it finally slowed to a drizzle, we braved the rain to walk back to Legoland. I took off my shoes and walked barefooted cos they are leather... went to the toilet to wash and dry my feet.  Sigh.

As it was still raining, we went to the gift shop and look around before deciding to leave because the rain is never gonna stop... Le bf said he will bring me back again after the school holidays! Our annual passes have my birthday on it! "Member since 21-10-2012"!! 

Went back to Le bf's home and had a simple home-cooked dinner with his family. Mama Chew said she will bring me out for dinner to celebrate again cos Le bf & Cheryl gave her such short notice (they only told her today). LOL!

 Cheryl surprised me with a birthday cake! Awww!!!

 She hid it in the fridge and thought I saw it when I went to take something.. but the fridge was so full of so many plastic and boxes, I never noticed the cake.. so it's a real surprise when she carried it out! :)

Happy me!

With the Chew Family..
Pam is missing cos she wasn't home for dinner. She had to work. :(

This year is the best birthday I've had in my entire life! 

I have so many things to be thankful for! I have a sweet & loving bf who is so romantic and patient with me. It's been over 9 months and we don't have any fights or quarrels! I don't know how to describe this kind of joy and happiness that he gives me.. it's like bursting with rainbows. :)

I don't have any debts or unpaid bills. Though I may not have enough to save money cos my house rent is so expensive, I am grateful for having a stable job that pays me enough to rent a place where Chloe can run around the whole house freely without being locked up in a cage.

Best of all, Le bf's family accepts me and loves me like their own. He always tell me "Mama Chew loves you lor.." and I will reply "I love her too! :)" He doesn't need to tell me and I know it's true because she is always showing concern for me. When I was very tired out from work and looked very pale, she bought oranges & chicken essence for me. Whenever she go on a holiday trip, she will always think of me and buy something for me. She will even nag at Le bf or remind him to meet me.. LOL! The day I moved house in April, she actually remembered the date and on that day she asked Le bf "Why you never take leave to help Jasmine move house??".  I am very independent so I do a lot of things by myself, but it's nice to have someone to fuss over me once in a while. Some people may take their mother's affection for granted, but not me.. because my own mother never showed me such genuine concern before. I'm really really blessed. Thank you God.

Last year I wished for something that money can't buy.. a relationship without drama + a loving family. Somehow, God granted my wishes. I was greedy and asked for two things and both came true. I knew I could never have the "family feeling" with my own parents & siblings ever again, that's why I was skeptical it will ever come true.. but never doubt what God can do and provide because He made the impossible possible for me. :)

This year I only wished for one thing. I'll reveal it next year on my birthday. Pray that it'll come true. :)

I'll blog about my birthday party in another entry.. too many photos!!

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