Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pamela's Birthday [06-Oct-12]

On the 6th October, we celebrated Pamela's birthday! It's her actual birth date and she chose to spent it with her family. Awwww. :)

Pam is the youngest in the family, Cheryl is the middle child and Le bf is the eldest.

Everyone let her choose the venue for the birthday dinner and she chose Doggycafe at Nex so her dog, Brownie can come along. Chloe was also invited! I had to work that day, but finished work at 3pm.. Luckily it's Nex Mall cos I stay in Serangoon and I can order the birthday cake and balloon for her before going home to bath and bring Chloe out again.

There's a long queue at Nex for the carpark, so Le bf and Papa Chew parked their car at my place and we walked over to Nex together. It's only a 5mins walk over, but Chloe attracted a lot of "oooh! SO CUTE" comments from passerbys. I bathed her the day before and tied her special occasion ribbon. :)

Brought them up to the cafe and left Chloe with Cheryl before Le bf and I 'disappear' and 'reappear' again 20mins later with the surprise birthday cake and balloon. 

Cut cake time! ^_^

See the dog balloon at the back? That's the birthday surprise balloon I got for her. Heehee. Le bf said the best present for Pam is money cos it's the most practical.. so we gave her an angbao instead of buying her a present. 

Papa Chew, Pam, Brownie, Mama Chew & Chloe!

Mama Chew is so cute! She kept hugging Chloe and stroking her fur.. Awwwww. She said Chloe is like a blanket. Heehee! 

Look at Chloe's expression! Haha!
Actually I seldom bring her out, so it's a treat for her to be able to be around so many other dogs.. But she's more of a people-dog. She prefers humans to dogs and she loves being in big crowds of people.. Going from one person to another and sitting on people's laps. 

Chloe loves taking pictures but Brownie is super camera-shy.

Cheryl the dog-sitter while we disappear to get the cake and balloon. :)

Family Picture + me! Hee!! ^_^

Brought my Polaroid camera along to snap these pretty pictures for Pam to keep. :) I like the Pandora design.. so abstract and pretty!

Glad we chose to beside the wall cos it makes a beautiful backdrop for photos! And thank you to Pam for inviting me and Chloe along to your birthday dinner. Hope you had a good time!

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