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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mooncake Party @ Nathaniel's House

Nathaniel invited us over to his place for a Moon Cake Party! 

We celebrated Mid Autumn Festival 1 week after the actual day cos everyone was so busy! Initially planned to celebrate together on the actual day but it was so hard to match everyone's schedule so we decided to postpone it.

Since Nat's living room doesn't have aircon, we squeezed into his bedroom, turned on the aircon and just sat on the floor! Hahahahaha! There were a few of us including Le bf, my sister, Wany, Yaya, Jace & Nick.

He decorated his living room for us! Awwww.

Look at all the mooncakes that Nat bought for us! Mad or what? 
(I don't eat mooncake so there's only 7 people eating all these)

Star of the day, Champagne truffle mooncakes from Raffles Hotel

Orh-Nee (Yam) Mooncakes from.. Peony Jade? Can't remember.

Random mixed mooncakes from a local Chinese restaurant

Custard mooncakes from Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel

Wany, Me, Joanna

Wany & I setting up the place for the others

Posing with Brendan.. I get a headache when I see the mooncakes.

Le bf with all the mooncakes!

My sister bought me a new iPhone cover and it matches my tshirt! :)

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