Saturday, October 13, 2012

10 @ Claymore Birthday Dinner

The first time I went to 10 @ Claymore at Orchard's Pan Pacific Hotel was with Le bf's family. I was super happy cos it's the 1st time I am having a meal with his whole family and it was his mum who specifically asked me along. :) That was back in April.. How time flies!

Santi & Welly couldn't attend my birthday party next Saturday as they are flying back to Indonesia tomorrow. SUPER SAD! Whenever they come I will be super happy but when they leave I will be super emo. Hai. WHY WHY WHY do our government refuse to approve their working permits?!?! They have job offers but their permits kept getting rejected just because they are not of a certain nationality. Boo!

Anyways, I decided to treat them dinner to celebrate my birthday and also as a farewell dinner (how many farewells can my heart handle?) at 10@Claymore cos the food is good, the place is small and intimate (unlike crazy Shangri-la's The Line) and we can have a proper conversation there without shouting our lungs out.

The buffet spread may not be as extensive as many other buffets in Singapore, but it's good stuff. I rather have a smaller spread with food I actually eat, compared to a long line of mediocre shitty food. Buffet to me is all about quality over quantity! Also, I don't eat the "expensive" stuff like Oysters, Sashimi, etc. I usually go for silly simple stuff like porridge, cheese, salad, fruits and desserts. Haha!

Try to count the hidden Kittychans below. :P

Cheese station! I whacked the whole slice of cranberry cheese!
It's so hard to find cranberry cheese in Singapore! 
This place is the only buffet that serves it!

Seafood Station

Usual stuff.. Lobsters, scallops, prawns, etc.

The potatoes are soo nice!

Made to order Crepes

Their crepes are crispy and nice.. You can customize the type of crepe you want.. soft or crispy and the types of flavours.. They have DURIAN flavours too!

Chocolate Fondue fountain

I think it's a waste of chocolate cos at the end of the day, they will just throw it away. Chocolate Fondues are already passe anyway.. Not a lot of people fancy it now.

Sauces and condiments 

Bread pudding! 
Kitty is literally in the "Onsen". Haha!

Love the pineapples! :)

Penang Assam Laksa
There's a separate menu that you can order ala carte dishes (included in the buffet price) and they will cook to order. There's beef steak, lamb chop, Penang Laksa, Char Kway Teow, etc. Portions are quite small so you can order everything to share. 

Topped with cranberry cheese is the bomb diggity!

This is one huge coffee cup filled with coffee beans!

Cookies galore! Choose your cookie to go with your coffee! :)

Le bf showing them his new Samsung S3.. -_-
He switched from iPhone to Sony Ericsson and now Samsung.

Picture with le bf. Mad love.

Birthday cupcake!
You can order this in advance, but somehow they forgotten about it and I have to remind them.. Since they already have my name on the reservation list, it'll be a nice touch if they can write my name on the plate.. but I guess there's not much communication between kitchen and the servers? It's free by the way.. Taste was kinda horrible. Le bf's birthday cupcake from Royal Plaza on Scotts's Carousel was sooooo much better.

Other than forgetting the cupcake, service was prompt and non-intrusive.. Just the way I like it. You don't have to wave like mad to attract the attention of a waiter.. Just look up, give eye contact and they will walk over asking "May I help you?".. Not bad huh?

Group Picture!

My two best friends! YAY!

Picture with the lovely waiter. He's nicknamed "Gummybear". 
Super sweet guy from Vietnam.

In the lift! Welly stand so straight lah! So cute!

The polaroids we took! :)

Had a great time today and hope they enjoyed themselves too! By the way, UOB is having a 4 for the price of 3, so effectively that's 25% off. Quite a good deal for such yummy food. Go try it! Free carpark too! Just ask the waiters for the coupon.

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