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Monday, October 1, 2012

Raffles Hotel Royal China Dim Sum

Had lunch at Royal China with Wany & Nat today!
We heard good reviews about it so we want to try it out.. 

It's Children's Day so I bought them tidbits! ^_^ I don't care that Children's Day is changed to the 1st Friday of October.. to me it's always 1st October! :)

Wany & her strawberry bag~

Nat and his strawberry bag~ 

Kitty want some tea!

Main highlight was the Liu Sha Bao but sadly it's disappointing.
The filling is indeed generous but it's not hot enough..
Instead of being all gooey and watery it's just clumpy.
The XO carrot cake is also not very nice.

Ambiance and location wise, it's good. Other than that.. everything sucks. The service is non-existent. We were there on a Monday afternoon and the place is half empty but the employees were distracted and not attentive at all. We had to repeat our request at least 4 times before it was attended to. The food is not as good as we expected. It's lukewarm, the baos have very thick skins and the tea is horrible.

Taste Paradise is so much better than Royal China. Hands down. We'll never go back again.

After lunch we walked around Raffles Hotel for a bit.. 
I passed by the hotel many times but I've never been upstairs before! Lots of nice shops around and the decoration are so quaint.

Arm chairs outside the Ladies room on Level 3

Wany is super happy. Haha!

After walking around a bit, Wany said she want to go to this shop called "Sunny Hills" where they sell Pineapple tarts from Taiwan... We were outside the shop and I saw a sign "Enjoy a cup of tea with our pineapple tart" and I thought "Wow! Free tea with purchase of pineapple tart!"

We went in and they prepared 3 sets of tea + pineapple tart for us! 

No obligation, no purchase, nothing! Wow! :) Of cos we had to buy something after the wonderful hospitality lah! But we already intended to buy anyway even before they served us tea. Btw, the nice boy kept refilling our tea cup non stop with yummy oolong tea. 

Pretty Packaging!

They sell pineapple tarts and tea leaves. :)

Both of them are super happy. Hahahaha!

I bought a box of 10 pieces for Mama Chew. :)

It has no preservatives so it has a very short shelf life..
It's also made of organic ingredients. ^_^

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