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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffyguy first time in Singapore! (10Oct)

I love Gabriel Iglesias so much!! He's also known as "The Fluffy Guy".

I watched all his videos on Youtube and Le bf also downloaded the full version of his shows for me! Fluffy is my favourite comedian in the whole world! He is also so down to earth and friendly! He maintains his own Twitter account and will direct message you back when you message him. Mad nice! He messaged me on a few occasion personally and I find it so amazing cos he has hundreds and thousands of fans yet he takes time to connect with us! :)

In fact, he literally saved my sanity when I was in Paris/Amsterdam last year.

I was depressed and upset and was all alone in the furthest country I've ever flown to.. Other than my daily morning chats with Brendan on Skype, I am super bored and lonely when I am in the apartment alone /when I am not outside exploring the streets.. All the TV channels are in French (Paris) and I don't know how to use the remote control so what I did was play Fluffy videos on loop when I am in the apartment. For that 2 weeks, I played his videos over and over until I can memorize all his jokes. LOL.

*I also watched "Mind your Language" and it was super funny too.

I follow Fluffy on Twitter and I am always on the lookout on when he is coming over to Singapore.. I also downloaded his app on my iPhone but not all of his shows are updated there.. so luckily my friend alerted me about his show (not sure how she knew about it) and that he's coming for 1 night only on 10th October! 

I immediately went onto the website and bought the best seats($168 per person) in the house! It's worth every penny! I was so crazy over him that I wanted to fly to America just to watch him perform.. but it's a blessing that he came to Singapore on-route to Australia! Yay to Singapore for being an air-hub! ^_^

He performed at the Kallang Theatre.. which is a super small and dodgy place, but who cares! It's Fluffy!! :D

Queuing to go in! :) Happy me!

The T-shirt costs a whopping SGD50!
Too bad I bought one size too small cos Le bf can't wear it. -_-

Bought a VIP fan access pass for SGD10!

Fluffyguy only signs on the pass and nothing else!

There's a giant screen showing fun facts about Fluffy while we wait for the show to start. Also, you can tweet with the hashtag #SURSingapore (it means Stand Up Revolution Singapore) and it will be featured on the screen if you are lucky! I got mine featured! The picture is in Le bf's phone. :)

There were other comedians featured before Fluffyguy came out.. Including his best friend Martin. They are all super funny comedians and we had a good time! 

Fluffyguy also overran his performance cos he was having so much fun with the crowd! I guess he thought Singapore is a lukewarm crowd cos we have a reputation of being hard to impress and not "on" enough unless it's some Kpop group where young teenagers scream their lungs out but he was happy with the response he got from us. He also did some of his old signature jokes and it was so cool to see him "live" on stage saying the jokes which most of us know by heart! Haha!

Best of all, he stayed back after the show to take pictures with EVERYONE! When I say everyone, I mean every single person who came to his show! Which celebrity does that?!

To makes things easier and faster, one of his crew will take the photo and upload everything onto his website so the fans can go and save it. Fluffyguy said "I promise you there will be a guy with a professional camera, notice I said guy, and not photographer? Because he is not a professional".

Well, the picture didn't turn out as nice as I thought it would cos I wasn't prepared and the guy did not count to 3 or gave a cue, but I'm happy that both le bf and I got a picture with our favourite comedian! He also gave me a hug! Mad happy! :)

I hope he comes back to Singapore soon.. or maybe perform in a city where I'll be travelling to with Le bf. 

Thank you Gabriel for a great night of fun and laughter!

Follow him on Twitter! Or you can visit his website for more information!


yinglin-6-2_33 said...

Hey are you here today too?

Jasmine Tay said...

Hi! Yes I was at the Fluffy Breaks Even Show today.. It wasn't as good as the first one though. And he did not stay back for a photo op. :(