Monday, October 15, 2012

Taste Paradise Ion Dim Sum lunch! [08-Oct-12]

This post is one week late! Too busy with work and stuff to blog. Actually it's cos of Instagram and Twitter.. but I'll never give up blogging cos it's a diary and record of my life! My children and grandchildren can read about my exploits when I am long gone... *waves at future children*

Welly and Santi arrived in Singapore on 6 Oct night and we decided to go for Dim Sum lunch on Monday, my off day! :)

Welly & Santi~

Nat & A380

Me & Wany

Egg Tarts!

Char siew pastries 

Fried XO Carrot Cake

Chee Cheung Fun with Char Siew
(Don't take the scallop, that is super plain. Not nice!)

Finally I can order my Peking Duck cos we have 5 people! Usually I go Dim Sum either with Le bf or just Wany & Nat and there's not enough people to order Peking Duck.. Well, we can order but we just can't finish it and it's soooo wasted! Super happy to eat Peking Duck today! I love the pancake skin! It's white, not the factory made yellow type and it's sooo yummy!

How can I forget my Custurd Baos?? ^_^
I ordered 4 servings (12 buns in total)! Not a lot! Only 2 per person!

Actually we ordered much much more stuff than I took photos of.. I was just too hungry to bother to take pictures. Heehee!

Afterwards we went to Starbucks to have coffee and catch-up..

After Starbucks, we went to window shop around before Santi had craving for Korean food. Yes, we are monsters when it comes to food.. Whenever they come to Singapore I will put on a lot of weight cos it's non-stop eating! There's a lot of yummy food here that's not available in Indonesia, so when they come back, they have a list of food they want to eat.. I'm always game for food! ^_^ We had dinner at Orchard Central's Sarang but that's for the below post cos I am super tired now and I'm going to sleep. Good night!

Le bf didn't join us cos he had to work (it's a Monday after all).. But he came over to Orchard to fetch me home! Heehee! So sweet of him!

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