Saturday, August 6, 2011

13th Braces Update

Today is the first time I go for my braces appointment and leave without paying! :) I actually forgotten that I paid off the whole amount and was waiting for my turn to pay until the nice receptionist reminded me that I don't have to pay for anything! Hahahahaha!

I chose all red for National Day cos I am going for the National Day parade next Tuesday! :)

I asked her to remove the bitch bracket on the top left corner but she refused! I told her nobody is gonna see my inner crooked tooth but she is adamant that I should have perfectly straight teeth inside and out and she said SHE can see it so it's bothering her. T_T"

So we came to an agreement.. instead of removing it, she tightened it and made it more compact so it won't rub against my cheek that much... And it felt much better! Though I would have preferred her removing it totally and gluing a bracket to the second last tooth, but since it doesn't hurt that much anymore I can live with it. Hope the ulcer heals soon!

I did a comparison picture from last year till now. It's been 11 months since I first put my braces and I am gonna remove them in a few months time!

Got much difference?

Hope it's worth all the inconveniences and the money!! I still don't like the gap between the top and bottom row on the left (right of picture).. Hope she can do something to adjust them.

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