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Monday, August 29, 2011


I ordered a Kindle last week and it arrived today!

I put my office address instead of home address for the delivery as there's always someone at the office mailroom to receive the parcel on my behalf during office hours. :)

I collected it after my lunchtime!

Couldn't wait to go home before opening it! :D

It's soo cool! Only thing is I can't use the Kindle Store function on the device as Singapore is not in their approved list. I tried using it and after a few hours I was locked out of my Amazon account from ordering new books! I tried setting up another account and order the book but I was still locked out.

So I set up a another new account and this time I disable the wi-fi function on my Kindle. I can only download free books or buy them and transfer into my PC before using the USB cable to transfer to my Kindle. Longer method but at least I won't be locked out again.

I am super happy with the Kindle cos I can compress thousands of books into one device! :D Especially if I need to travel overseas, I only need to bring one book! YAY!

Oh, did I mention this is my birthday present to myself? :) Heehee!

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