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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Royal Carousel at Royal Plaza

Yesterday Pipimon surprised me by bringing me to Royal Plaza for their high-tea at Royal Carousel!

My initial plan after my braces was to go to Tanjong Pagar market and eat my Peanut Icekachang, than take bus to DFS Galleria to buy my Dior Lipgloss (which was out of stocks again. Bloody hell) than maybe have lunch at Ion Foodcourt or something..

But he actually called and make reservations to surprise me.. So amazing! So we took a cab from Tanjong Pagar down to Royal Plaza.

I was wearing super lao-pok pol in my ratty T-shirt cos I did not know we were going for a high-tea! I would have wore a dress or something. 0_0 Haix. So unglam.

I did not bring my camera cos I was totally unprepared (see the ratty t-shirt above). I would have brought my SLR along cos the food are all so pretty! So I took all the pictures using my iPhone3Gs instead.. Not bad, but not really pretty and high resolution..

Indian Food Station

The Kebab is yums!

Laksa Station

Guess what I took as my first dish?

You would have never guessed it right unless you know me SUPER duper well. I think my sister may have gotten it right... I took Chicken Porridge with TauPok, Quail Eggs and Braised Peanuts! Some of the cheapest but yummiest items on the menu!

There were seafood, sashimi and sushi but I ignored all those. There were also Nasi Lemak with lots of hot dishes, Kueh Pie Tee.. blah.. but I ignored those too.

Other than the porridge and stuff I took a sampling of the desserts, cakes.. I ignored the ice-cream too! Hahahaha! Though I did try the fondue! My fave flavour was the white chocolate! I always think that people who proclaim loving dark chocolate a bit pretentious & act atas.. Who knows? When no one is looking they may be eating milk chocolate! Dark chocolate is so bitter! I prefer milk and white chocolate!

The dessert counter

Yummy chocolate mousse

Unidentified object. I suspect it's some sticky rice thingy.

Chocolate pudding! I was the first to dig a hole in this! Heehee! The middle part is soft and gooey!

All the ingredients for a good ice-kachang!

Look at the type of syrups!

Old school machine! I like!

Here are the prices for their lunch, high tea & dinner buffet!

Credit card discounts!

They are opened from 3am-5am for Muslims to break fast!

Thank you Pipimon for the treat!

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