Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Clothes!

I bought quite a few dresses and smart casual tops these few weeks, but they were quite expensive.. I mean, it's not like Prada-expensive, but for the type of material.. Online blogshops are selling it for $12 to $18 and I am paying $39 to $48 for them just because I am not stick-thin like majority of the Singaporean girls.

It is difficult to be fashionably cute in a stick-thin society like Singapore where most of the girls are averaging 45kg and super short (155cm-160cm) with small sized feet of size 6 to 8.

I am tall, fat and have ginormous feet! How to survive in Singapore?

Most of the shoes in Singapore are only up to size 8.. and if I find a shop with large sizes, normally the cutting are small. For example, Mondo has up to Size 43, but their Size 43 is the same as Size 41 from other brands.. So they are just sizing their shoes smaller. I told the salesgirl that I will buy all the shoes I chose if she had them in my size.. got her excited for a while but ALL of them don't have my size, so too bad. I am a shoe slut, so maybe God wants me to be more frugal that's why he give me big feet so I won't buy 5 pairs of shoes a week since it's so difficult to find them in my size.. Or maybe I have big feet cos I am tall?

As for clothes, the plus sized brands with nicer designs are super expensive.. Like Dorothy Perkins and Marks & Spencer. The ones that are a bit cheaper are Saint Rolene with up to 7 XLs, but the clothes are super auntyrish and low quality. Many shops do offer large sizes, but they are just enlarged versions of the trashy designs found in This Fashion at inflated prices. Who the hell wanna pay $79 for a lousy dress that is Made in China with strings loose all over the hem? Siao bo? And the very few plus-sized blogshops I see are selling dresses at $42 and up for simple designs.. Why so expensive?!

The normal Online blogshops have nice designs but they are usually FREE SIZED.

I hate free sized clothings. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK? It's like men buying condoms. There's no size so it's free sized or "One size fits all". We all know that men has different penis sizes but why are all the condoms the same sized? If the man has a short penis does he have to cut the condom in half? If he has a long penis than he can only cover 3/4 of it? You see any one walk around with a slipper that is 3 sizes too small?

WHO THE HELL IS FREE SIZED? There's no such thing! It's a ploy to make life easier for clothes manufacturer to just produce one size for easier inventory control and also to force society to conform to that one body type. Either you are a skinny bitch who can wear nice clothes at cheap prices or you are a unlucky bozo like me who have to pay more for lousier shitty quality clothes.

Anyway, I usually frequent I&U boutique in Queensway Shopping Centre cos they have nice office clothings and casual wear similar to online Blogshops but their prices are doubled of what the online blogshops are charging, though their sizes are doubled.. so maybe that's how their price model came about..

Bu the ladyboss is quite pushy and kept piling clothes on me to try and pressure me to buy by saying "This looks good on you!" or "This is my best seller! A lot of girls buy!".. I usually spend hundreds there. The first time I spent almost $400 there (last november) and most of the clothes are in storage now cos I got sick of them pretty quickly..

So I am on the lookout now for cheap but nice looking clothes that are well made.

Pipimon suggested going to our market to have a look.. I was really apprehensive at first cos usually when I walk past, most of the clothes are SUPER aunty and gaudy..

But just now I opened up my mind and heart and went along to browse around.. To my surprise, I found a shop that has quite nice clothings at reasonable prices! Not everything is nice though, since the main clientele of the market are women above 40years old.. but I managed to find 3 pieces of clothings!

Two layered blue striped top & a Panda tee!

I LOVE THE PANDA TEE! The eyes are sequined! This is too casual for work so I am wearing it on the weekends! It's their last piece and I found it hiding in one of the racks! Happy like mad!

I also found a striped black top that is 99% similar to the striped black top I bought at I&U! And guess what? The price is halved of what I paid for at I&U! I chose the blue one cos I already had the black one.. I was so pissed cos it's 50% difference!

Actually the tops are around $27 to $29 each but the ladyboss was very nice! I casually asked for a discount and she discounted them and round them down to $66! Mad cheap! I wanted to bargain for $25 each but luckily I let her quote the price instead. :)

I am gonna go back again in a few weeks time to see if they have any new arrivals!

Also, if I were thinking of doing business I may go into plus-sized clothings. I will design my own clothings, set up a small stall & also do online sales.. I will base my collection on themes, like Polka Dot Dreams, Flower Magic, etc.. It's really good business and I can provide a service to all the plus-sized girls in Singapore. Good quality clothes at cheap prices!

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