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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New cosmetics & perfume!

Look at all the stuff I bought last Saturday! :D

I went to DFS Galleria hoping to find the Dior lipgloss cos I have 20% discount if I buy there.. Unfortunately it's out of stocks (AGAIN!) so I had to buy it at Isetan at full price $43. The stupid saleswoman at DFS still have the cheek to tell me "Whole Singapore no stock! Worldwide shortage!". Full of bullshit.. I didn't wanna argue with her cos I know she's talking nonsense.. All the major departmental stores have it.. Only DFS don't have it cos they have poor inventory control!

I bought a new Chloe Perfume at DFS though.. Wanted to buy the Love Chloe but chose this instead cos it's a woody scent which I absolutely love and I wanna try something new. :) The salesgirl gave me a miniature Love Chloe when I declined to buy two bottles of perfume to be entitled to their free gift (Pouch, mini perfume, mini lotion). She kept persuading me to buy two bottle cos she said the gift is nice and is NEW. Told her I have the gift already and I got it in Japan in December 2010 when I bought ONE bottle of Love Chloe and that shut her up.

Don't you just hate idiotic salespeople who pretend to be so smartass and like to talk nonsense to you? It may work on gullible people, but not to a well-travelled or well-informed person like me ok? I do my homework and research on prices when I like something or always buy the same thing. I am not really price sensitive (I bought the Dior lipgloss at full price instead of waiting) but I am allergic to idiotic salespeople who attempt to "smoke" me.

Since I was at Isetan, also stocked up on my Ettusais makeup. Bought the sparkling pact and the tinted eye concealer.. I asked the salesgirl why the sparkling pact is no longer selling in HongKong and she said that Japan has stopped producing them, so Japan has stopped selling, followed by HongKong. Singapore has remaining stocks which will sell until discontinued.

I was so worried and horrified when I heard that.. I wanted to buy 20 of them to keep until I find a suitable replacement.. But it costs $40++ for one and it's crazy to buy so many cos it's so expensive! So now I am considering of buying at least 6 next month, which will give me around 6 months to find a suitable replacement for my compact powder. I really like the sparkling pact and I am so sad to see it being discontinued. :(

Anyway, the salesgirl at the Ettusais counter is really friendly and knowledgeable so there's hope in the service industry cos not all are fucktards trying to smoke customers into buying things they don't need just to hit their own sales targets, or to tell lies or make up stories when being asked a question they don't have the answers to.

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