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Friday, August 5, 2011

Captain America

Watched Captain America at Nex Mall's Shaw Premiere cinema..

I told her that the last time I went to Gold Class at GV Vivocity, it's damn fucked up cos the seats are moldy (real mold on the covers!), there were half-eaten popcorn and fries on the side of the arm-rest (YUCK).. So our new favourite place is the new Premiere cinema at Nex.

The show is great but the ending is super kua kua kua. Easter egg at the end also super duper lame. I think it's all building up to "The Avengers" movie. That movie better be good, cos Iron Men & Captain America were just super extended trailers for that movie. If it sucks, lots of people are gonna hate Marvel comics for selling out to Hollywood.

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