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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Glee 3D Movie Premiere!

A few weeks ago Wany & I bought tickets for.. GLEE the 3D Concert Movie which sneaks tonight!

The movie was sold out in 2 days and luckily I received the email early enough to inform Wany and we bought it before it was sold out!

Because it's shown at 7.30pm and my shift ends at 7pm, which makes it impossible for me to make it on time.. I took half day leave just for the movie!

It's shown at Marina Square Golden Village and I reached there around 3pm and walked around waiting for Wany to come because she had a project meeting and could only reach at 6.30pm.

We had dinner at Waraku using the $20 for $40 voucher from Groupon before going to collect our tickets. :D

VIP yo!

Each of us were given a Goody bag. It comes in Orange, Red, Blue, Green.. but we cannot choose colour! The people giving out the bags are such snobbish shitty bitches. "You cannot choose colour!"

Wany wanted the red one so I took the green one, even though I really wanted the orange coloured one.

Here is what's inside the bag!

Free nachos set with a medium sized drink

Instead of eating the Nachos we ate Garette's Popcorn which I bought earlier from Citylink Mall! :D

Before the movie started, there were lots of talking and time wasting by a emcee. There was also a group of "singers" who are out of tune. We paid $22 and it comes with the freebies but we did not want the stupid performance. Bah.

There were 3D spectacles in the bag! :)

The movie was nice.. but it could have been better if they included a storyline in the concert. I guess it sells by itself since it's GLEE. But I wished they could have put more effort into the movie for their fans. :(

Anyway, we enjoyed it overall and it was nice singing along to the songs. ^^

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